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Baguazhang, Pa Kua Chang Baguazhang, Pa Kua Chang Baguazhang, Pa Kua Chang

Baguazhang, Pa Kua Chang Baguazhang, Pa Kua Chang Baguazhang, Pa Kua Chang

You may like to view all the videos of Day 5 together. Please click on the picture below to view the videos on this page, or click on the caption to view them at Vimeo.

Baguazhang Sequence 8 and Free Sparring from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

Here are some review questions for course participants on Day 5 -- Baguazhang Sequence 8 and Free Sparring

  1. A few themes are manifested in Sequence 8. Can you name just one of them? As shown in one of the video clips below, even when a Baguazhang practitioner won a free sparring session, he did not follow
  2. Grandmaster Wong's advice. What was the advice?
  3. Yes, you have guessed correctly. He did not use combat sequences. Note the big difference when the Baguazhang practitioner used combat sequences in two of the video clips below. What was the crucial factor that made this difference?
  4. Which video clip above shows that a selected combat sequence could be used against almost any responses? It was obvious that using kungfu sequences had a huge advantage over opponents who used other martial art techniques. Can you use
  5. kungfu sequences in san shou competitions? If you can't , do you know the reasons?



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