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Combat application of Wudang Sword

The sword is the weapon of masters. It needs great skills to use a sword adroitly. Of the many schools of swordsmanship, the Wudang Sword is the most famous.

At the Wudang Sword course in February 2013 at Killarney, Ireland, course participants first learned the Wudang Sword set, paying much attention to footwork, agility and picture-perfect from. The secrets of flow and force were then explained.

Combat applications of the sword were demonstrated, and two combat sequences of the Wudang Sword were learnt. Important principles of swordsmanship, which could be profitably transferred to unarmed combat, were explained. Then participants practiced using the sword against other weapons, like the spear, the sabre, the staff and the Guan Dao.

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  1. Picture-Perfect Form
  2. Flow and Force
  3. Combat Applications
  4. Combat Sequences
  5. Against Other Weapons


Wudang Sword at Killarney
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