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Transition from Pre-Arranged to Free Sparring — Part 3

In this video clip Nicky and Hubert have progressed further in their transition from pre-arranged to free sparring. Not only they have increased the percentage of random movements, they also have added kicking attacks. T

hose who are familiar with our Shaolin Wahnam Combat Sequences will notice that the kungfu patterns chosen for sparring in Part 1 are from Sequences 1 to 4, those in Part 2 from Sequences 1 to 8, and those in this video clip, Part 3, from Sequences 1 to 12.

Notice that Nicky uses a correct kicking attack, but her spacing is incorrect. Hubert rightly suggests that a side kick, rather than a thrust kick, would be more effective in that situation, and later he attempts one too. Hubert's kicking attack as well as his second one later on are random moves.

It is worthy of note that Nicky is more efficient in her counter against Hubert's side kick the second time than the first, confirming that when you have worked out a counter once, subsequent counters to similar attacks would be easier, which is an important principle underlying systematic combat training.

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Transition from Pre-Arranged to Free Sparring -- Part 3 from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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