Freezing Attacks for Sparring Partners to Respond from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

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Mark and Innes punctuate their free sparring at numerous places for the training partner to come up with a good response. For example, Innes grips Mark's arm. In a real fight, the exponent could have broken the opponent's arm and follow up with more attacks. But here Innes freezes for Mark to think of a suitable response.

In another occasion, Innes grips Mark's right hand and moves in to attack, forgetting to “tame” Mark's left hand. Mark counter-strikes Innes' ribs with his left hand. In a real fight, this could cause serious injury. But Mark freezes for Innes to modify his attack appropriately, which he does by opening Mark's two hands and simultaneously executes a thrust kick. Having practiced these movements, if their opponents attack them in similar manner, Mark and Innes will be able to response spontaneously and correctly.



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