Learning from Mistakes in Friendly Sparring from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

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Chris who specializes in Dragon-Tiger is sparring with Ronny who specializes in Dragon Form. They use their specialized patterns quite well, and are able to defend some surprised kicks.

Nevertheless both make some mistakes in this sparring session, as both have been hit a few times. In a friendly sparring, the hits are harmless as the combatants stop on target, known in Chinese as “tim tou wei chi”, but in a real fight even a single hit may cause serious injury.

They learn fast from this sparring session, as reflected by the fact that they are free from hits in the subsequent training session when they engage in unconditioned free sparring as shown in the subsequent video series. Learning from mistakes is an important aspect of training, but unbelievably many martial artists today seem to remain at the same level despite free sparring for years!



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