Exploiting Advantage for Decisive Strike from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

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Jamie specializes in Shaolin Five Animals, and Ronny specializes in Dragon Form. As they manifest their specialization quite well, an initiated observer judging from their techniques and movements, could tell their specialization.

Ronny makes a serious mistake in this training session, from which both benefit. Jamie exploits the advantage and swiftly moves in with a decisive strike, which may serious injure or kill the opponent in a real fight.

Many martial artist despite free sparring for many years may miss the opportunity and regret that they could have moved in. This is a common occurrence, expressed in a kungfu tenet as “sau pat choong sum”, meaning that “the movements fail to follow the will”.

Ronny also learns from this mistake. In the subsequent training session of unconditioned free sparring, they happen to partner again in free sparring. They fight in similar fashion, though their skills are better. A few times Ronny is in similar combat situations but he never makes the same mistake.



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