September 2005, Sungai Petani

Moving in and Responses
Counter-Attacking a Boxer

As many martial artists today use Boxing techniques to spar or fight, being able to counter a Boxer's attacks is essential if we wish to be combat efficient. Boxing techniques are relatively simple but we must bear in mind that the forte of Boxing is not its techniques but its skills.

An effective way to beat Boxers is to chose techniques that are best suited to fight Boxing, then develop our skills to apply them well. A Boxer's best skills are speed and agility. His weakness is his limited range of techniques. Logically, if we minimize his skills and exploit his weakness, we have a good chance to beat him.

We also transfer the principles and skills we learn in our training to our daily life, which is a hallmark of our school.

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  1. Minimizing Boxer's Skills by Keeping Boxer at Bay
  2. Counter-Attacking a Boxer
  3. Minimizing Boxer's Strength and Exploiting his Weakness
  4. Using Attack Boxer has No Defence
  5. Effective Techniques and Tactics against Boxers
  6. Strike Form Chase Shadow
  7. Using Kicks against Boxers
  8. Kicks and Body-Movement
  9. Reversing Speed Advantage of Boxers
  10. Taking Initiative on Boxers



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