Composing a Kungfu Set
Composing a Kungfu Set

First there were kungfu patterns, which were the crystallization of actual fighting movements. Suitable patterns were linked in some meaningful ways to form sequences, and sequences linked to form sets. The composition of these sequences and sets was guided by certain combat considerations.

The videos show this progress resulting in the set, “Sun Moon Manifest Glory Set”, which was the collective effort of all participants devising counters against Boxers. The name “Sun Moon Manifest Glory” is chosen for the set because it is the most representative pattern in the set. This pattern comes closest to the typical stance and movements Boxers use in fighting.

The set comprises of the combat sequences the participants earlier worked out to counter typical Boxing attacks. Each participant took turn to imitate typical Boxing attacks and his training partner demonstrated the kungfu counters against them.

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  1. Sound East Strike West
  2. Thrust Kick and Double Bows
  3. From Precious Duck to White Horse
  4. Hang a Golden Star at a Corner
  5. Whirlwind Kick and Green Dragon
  6. White Horse Presents Hoof
  7. First Five Attack and Defence Sequences
  8. Reviewing Sequences Learnt
  9. Using Throws against Boxers
  10. Keeping Boxers Away
  11. Striking Boxers' Arms
  12. Fast learning due to Good Foundation
  13. Attain in 3 Hours What may Need 3 Years
  14. Useful Combat Sequences against Boxers



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