Basic Counter against Middle Thrust
Basic Counter against Middle Thrust

Practicing with weapons is an important part of traditional kungfu training. Weapon training still serves useful purposes today. Shaolin Kungfu is very rich in weapons. The most representative of Shaolin weapons is the staff.

Course participants were taught the “Ho Family Flowing Water Staff”. This staff set was kept as top secret within the Ho Family. Patriarch Ho Fatt Nam was the first one to teach it to some inner-chamber disciples outside the Ho Family, and Grandmaster Wong was one of the few lucky persons to learn it.

It is called “Flowing Water Staff” after the kungfu principle, “If there is a bridge, go along the bridge; If there is no bridge, flow with the water”. this saying summarizes the combat philosophy of the set.

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  1. Learning a Weapon Set in a Few Hours
  2. Performing Flowing Water Staff Pattern by Pattern
  3. Flowery in Appearance Deadly in Application
  4. Flow, Power and Speed of Flowing Water Staff
  5. Performing Staff Set in Chi Flow
  6. Basic Counter against Middle Thrust
  7. Spacing, Timing and Footwork in Combat Application of Staff
  8. Shark-Monk Flicks Spear
  9. Covering and Flicking against the Thrust



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