Smiling from the Heart

Smiling from the heart, as shown above by Sean, Grandmaster Wong and Sifu Michael Agar, is an excellent way to overcome any emotional problems

Question 1

I felt so wonderful and beautiful just now (during a Cosmic Shower session on the Blue Mountain). I felt my mind expanding and I was merged with the Cosmos. What was the connection between our mind and the Cosmos and how did we break through the barrier?

— Lily, Costa Rica


This is an academic question. Those who have no direct experience will not understand the answer even when it is clearly explained to them.

You already have the answer from your direct experience. Those who have the experience usually do not worry about the question. It is the same in daily life. Those who have a lot of money or have a happy family life usually do not ask how they have a lot of money or how they have a happy family life; they just enjoy their wealth or family life.

But I shall still answer your question. It is a good question leading to much intellectual insight.

There is actually no barrier between your mind and the Universal Mind, and no barrier between your spirit and the Universal Spirit. You mind is actually not limited to your brain, and your spirit is not limited to your body. But due to illusion, perpetuated for millennium, people conceptualize that their mind or spirit is separated from the Cosmos, just as they conceptualize that a sub-atomic particle is separated from all other sub-atomic particles that make up all things in the world, when actually there are no boundaries and the energy of one particle flows freely into the energy of all particles.

The exercise you did just now, Cosmic Shower, helped you to clear this illusion. You suddenly realized and experienced that you are in unity with the Cosmos. This spiritual process is called by different terms in different cultures. In the West it is called emancipation. In the East it is called awakening. In science it is the collapse of particles into universal spread of energy. It is a life-changing experience. Congratulations. Life will be different after this experience. You will find life a beauty, a joy.

Question 2

I would like to know whether Tai Chi is recommended for someone suffering from a slight scoliosis.

— Laurent, France


Yes, someone suffering from scoliosis can practice Tai Chi Chuan if it is practiced as a genuine internal art. The energy flow due to an internal art training may help him to overcome his spine problem.

However, most Tai Chi schools today practice Tai Chi as an external exercise. If his scoliosis is not serious, he can still practice and enjoy it, but it is unlikely to help him overcome the problem. But he can have other benefits like relaxation, loosening of joints and muscles, and socialization with his classmates.

However, if he wishes to overcome his scoliosis, I would suggest he practices high-level chi kung. Please note that most chi kung schools today practice chi kung as gentle physical exercise, which is more suitable for scoliosis patients than external Tai Chi. He should overcome his scoliosis first before practicing any Tai Chi Chuan if he wishes. Overcoming a health problem is a need, practicing Tai Chi Chuan is a hobby. His scoliosis, no matter how slight, certainly affects his quality of life.

Many of my students have overcome scoliosis. I particularly remember a very serious case about 30 years ago. His spine was not only bent laterally but also forward. He was in such a terrible shape that I remember feeling very sorry for him. But he was an excellent student. He attended all the classes I taught in surrounding towns, and practiced everyday. He overcame his serious scoliosis after about 9 months.

From the perspective of naked eyes, bones are solid. But from the perspective of chi kung, bones are a pattern of energy flow. This pattern of energy flow is actually not fixed, though our naked eyes see them as a fixed structure. Those parts that we see as out of shape are parts of energy flow that have been blocked and deviated from their natural pattern. Practicing high-level chi kung can clear the blockage and restore their natural energy flow.

Cosmic Shower

Students at an Intensive Chi Kung Course in Sabah enjoying a cosmic shower

Question 3

I am suffering from two people, who claim to be my teachers, reading my thoughts and claiming to be giving me "mind training".

— Ian, Taiwan


Are there any good reasons why these two people are reading your thoughts? If there are no reasons for them to do so, it is likely that it is just your imagination. Disturbing imagination like this can cause serious emotional and mental problems.

But there is a simple and effective way to overcome your problem, regardless of whether the problem is real or due to your imagination. It is really simple and effective if you want to do it. Of course, if you start giving excuses like it is difficult or it won't work, then you can't overcome the problem with this method.

Every morning when you wake up, smile to yourself, and tell yourself that no one reads your thoughts, but even if some people, including these two persons you suspect, want to read your thoughts, they just can't do it. Practice this for one week.

For the following week and after, smile to yourself every morning as you wake up. Tell yourself how wonderful it is to be alive for another day. Enjoy the day in a wholesome way.

Question 4

I have read your question and answer series on your website where you say it is possible if you practice chi kung and/or meditation enough that an individual can develop telepathy and other abilities. Also I read your response where you say it is morally wrong to read another people's thoughts if they do not want or ask you to.


Yes, if you practice high-level chi kung, your mind can be developed to a level where you can read people's thoughts if you want to. But we don't do that as we consider it morally wrong. Many people have enough trouble managing their own thoughts. Why should they add to their trouble with other people's thoughts?

In our sparring practice, some of our students sometimes know beforehand what attacks their sparring partners would use. This is because their mind is so calm and clear that they can pick up the mental impulses of their sparring partners. When they enter a room full of people, without looking at the people, they can tell who are friendly and who are hostile. It is not that my students attempt to read their thoughts. They just pick up the mental vibrations of these people.

In the past, kungfu masters could catch arrows shot at them. This was physically impossible. By the time they saw the arrows with their eyes, it would be too late to move their hands to catch them. Then, how did they accomplish the feat. They sensed the arrows with their mind, and they moved in energy flow, which was almost at the speed of thought.

We in Shaolin Wahnam are not at the level of the past masters who could catch arrows. But many of us could sense attacks without looking at them. If you view the videos of our Special Wing Choon Course you can find some showing course participants sparring while being blind-folded. Indeed some participants told me they found it easier to respond correctly while being blind-folded than with their eyes open because without the interference of sight they could sense better with their mind. These videos show their training after a few hours. If they spend, say, six months to practice blind-fold sparring, their skill will be much higher.

Tai Chi Chuan

Genuine Tai Chi Chuan is an internal martial art

Question 5

I also believe one of the individuals concerned is also creating or projecting the voice of my Taiwanese girlfriend in order distract or annoy me.


I think this is more likely to be your imagination. But irrespective of whether it is really someone trying to project voices to annoy you or only your imagination, you can overcome it using the same method I have told you earlier about overcoming the problem of others reading your thoughts. Every morning smile to yourself, and tell yourself that others cannot project their voices to distract or annoy you.

Question 6

I have asked the persons concerned, (I am unaware of their names and have not had the opportunity to meet them), to stop reading my thoughts and creating voices. However they have refused to do so.


You can overcome the problems independent of whether they agree or do not agree to your request. Just follow the methods I have described above.

Three-Circle Stance

Practicing zhan zhuang correctly will give practitioners vitality and mental clarity

Question 7

Please could you tell me if there is anyone you know of in Taiwan or China whom you could recommend to teach or show me if it is possible, to protect my thoughts from others?


I do not know of anyone in Taiwan or mainland China who can teach or show you. This does not mean there aren't any. Actually any high-level chi kung or spiritual master will be able to help you overcome your problem, but you have to search for him yourself.

You need to ensure the following three steps:

  1. He is a genuine high-level master.
  2. He is willing to help you.
  3. You are willing to pay the fee he asks.

These points are obvious, but many people in trouble don't follow them. They conveniently learn from any instructor without bothering to find out whether their learning will help them solve their problems. They unreasonably presume that a master must teach them if they merely ask. They are unwilling to pay the fees of the master.

I would recommend that you attend my Intensive Chi Kung Course. Your problems are serious, and you should overcome them as soon as possible. Please see my website for available dates.

Question 8

I should tell you that I practice Tai Chi and Zhan Zhuang. I have heard of the possibility of developing Chi Kung deviation syndrome, however I am certain I am not suffering from this.


Despite what you believe, there is a high likelihood that you have deviated seriously.

An excellent way to tell whether you have practiced Tai Chi Chuan, zhan zhuang or any art correctly is to see whether you derive the results the art is purported to give.

Practicing Tai Chi Chuan (not just Tai Chi dance) correctly will give you combat efficiency and internal force. Do you know how to defend yourself if someone kicks at you or grips your arm? Do you have internal force, for example, can you handle an opponent who is bigger and stronger than you?

Practicing zhan zhuang correctly will give you vitality and mental clarity. Do you have vitality to enjoy your work and play? Do you have mental clarity that enables you to look at and solve problems easily?

If you don't have these benefits, it shows you may not have practiced correctly or the art you practice is not genuine. It does not show deviations. Deviations are shown by adverse effects, like feeling pain, being tired and being anxious and stressful. Fearing other people reading your thoughts or projecting voices into you, whether real or imagined, is a sure sign of deviation.



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