Seeing God

Many people may think it crazy, but at a Zen course in Ireland many participants saw God, i.e. the omnipotent, omniscent, infinite, and eternal.

Question 1

If God exists, and is omnipotent, why is there so much evil in our world?

— Jussi, Finland


Yours and most people's concept of God is different from mine. To me, God is omnipotent, omniscent, infinite, and eternal.

In Shaolin terms, it is the Spiritual Body of the Buddha. In Taijiquan terms, it is Tao. In chi kung terms, it is Universal Energy. In scientific terms, it is the collapse of the particles into undifferentiated energy.

There is no goodness and evil in God. It is only God and nothing else.

Goodness and evil exist in our world, which is phenomenal. God is transcendental.

Goodness and evil are a function of mind. If you think of goodness, you become good. If you think of evil, you become evil. It is that simple, though its manifestations may be very complex.

Question 2

After chi flow, during the face massage part, how many seconds should I massage each part of my face?


There is no need to count the seconds. Just massage a suitable period of time. Between 2 seconds to 10 seconds is suitable.

chi kung. qigong

Our chi kung is excellent for sex, but we don't highlight this benefit

Question 3

Do you believe that when one is reborn in the heavenly realms one can be completely happy and at peace all the time? Or does that only happen when one reaches Enlightenment?


When one is in a heavenly realms, he is happy and at peace all the time. In a heaven there is no sorrow and no distress.

In Enlightenment, there is no happiness, no peace, no sorrow, no distress, and nothing else, but only Enlightenment, or whatever term we call the Supreme, like God, the Buddha, Tao, the Ultimate, or just the undifferentiated spread of energy or consciousness.

Question 4

I just purchased a copy of "The Art of Shaolin Kung Fu." I believe this is one of the best books in the market.

I would like to know if there is an effective chi kung exercise to lower blood pressure and for weight loss.

My blood pressure gets a little high and I am mildly obese. I am eating light nutritious meals and drinking lots of spring water

— Efrain, Jordan


The onus of practicing chi kung is on skills and not on techniques. In other words, if you want to lower your blood pressure and loose weight, it is not which exercises you practice, which is what many people have asked me, but how you practice the suggested exercise.

Indeed, more than 80% of chi kung practitioners today have missed this important point. The chi kung techniques they practice are correct, but they lack the skills to practice the techniques as chi kung, which is energy exercise. They practice the techniques as gentle physical exercise. As a result they do not derive the benefits of chi kung. Many chi kung practitioners today, despite having practiced chi kung for many years, are still weak and sick.

A good analogy is found in Tai Chi Chuan. The Tai Chi Chuan techniques of most practitioners all over the world today are correct, but they lack the skills to practice these techniques as an internal martial art. They only practice the techniques as external forms. As a result, despite having practice Tai Chi Chuan for many years, these practitioners have no internal force and cannot defend themselves.

If you wish to practice chi kung as an energy art, which will enable you not just to lower blood pressure and lose weight, but also will give you good health, vitality, longevity, mental clarity and spiritual joys irrespective of religion, I would recommend that you attend my Intensive Chi Kung Course. Please see my home page for more information, and apply to my secretary for registration.

chi kung, qigong

The important point in chi kung is not what exercises to practice but how to practice these exercises

Question 5

I would like to know if you intend to teach sexual qigong in future.

— Name and Country Withheld


No, I don't intend to teach sexual qigong in future. Our chi kung is excellent to enhance sex, but we do not highlight it.

It is a matter of opinion, but I consider using qigong exclusively for sex is abusing its many other benefits. Chi kung should enrich our lives and the lives of other people, including wholesome family lives.

To use qigong to overcome sexual problems is legitimate. We have helped many people overcome their sexual problems with our chi kung.

Question 6

There are only two masters I could find teaching using chi kung for sex. (Names of the two masters are withheld.)


Again, it is a matter of opinion. It is also important to realize that different masters have different opinions on many topics.

There is no doubt that these two masters have learned from genuine lineages. But I believe that one of the masters excessively applies western knowledge, like New Age philosophy, on chi kung, and the other master modified what he has learned in traditional Chinese paradigm with western paradigm.

Five-Animal Set

Practicing kungfu or chi kung should enrich our daily life

Question 7

They have interesting ways to look at it and I started learning from one of the master's book. It takes the Small Universe to a new level. But being aware of your generosity and knowledge about all styles of qigong, I would be pleased to hear your opinion about sexual qigong or sexual kung fu as it is also called.


I would not recommend that you learn from one of the master's book because many of his teachings deviate from traditional chi kung philosophy. For example, he teaches visualizing energy form a certain planet. This is his opinion, and is not found in traditional chi kung.

The Small Universe generates a lot of energy, which can, besides other benefits, be used to enhance sexual performance. Many of our students have put this benefit to practical use, but we do not highlight it.

In the past, chi kung was used to enhance scholarship and spiritual cultivation, and kungfu was used for fighting. Today, both arts are used to enrich our lives and the lives of other people, including having wholesome sex.

Traditionally, there is no such term as sexual kungfu. Sexual qigong in Taoism has been found to be a deviation due to shallow understanding.

Question 8

As I understand it, it is the most powerful energy to work with and can be used for all levels of development, i.e. getting healthy, staying healthy, be full of energy and especially in Taoist tradition to cultivate spiritually. Is that correct?


Qigong is certainly a very powerful way of working with energy, and a student should learn it from a master, not on his own from books or videos.

But I am not sure whether it is the most powerful. Spiritual cultivation, where a master uses his mind to work on energy, can be more powerful.

Editorial Note: Other questions from the enquirer will be continued at September 2017 Part 1 issue of the Question-Answer Series.

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