Triple Stretch

Grandmaster Wong performing the technique of triple stretch

Question 1

Sifu, our chi kung healing is so effective. Why is that so many patients, especially those with so-called incurable diseases, do not seek chi kung healing to regain good health?

— Sifu Markus Kahila, Shaolin Wahnam Finland


There are four hurdles.

One, they don't know about it.

Two, even if they know it, they don't believe it.

Three, even if they believe in it, they do not do it correctly.

Four, even if they can do it correctly, they do not do it at all.

Most people, including those who suffer from so-called incurable diseases and those who practice chi kung, do not know that chi kung healing can overcome any disease. This is especially so today when chi kung has been so grossly debased.

Some may have heard that chi kung can overcome illness, but they do not believe that it is true, and they do not bother to find out. Many people think that if specialist doctors cannot cure them, how can undergoing chi kung healing overcome their illness. The problem is aggravated by the fact that genuine chi kung healers are forbidden to mention this information by law.

Moreover, when patients hear of chi kung, they usually think of a type of debased chi kung which does not bring results.

Thirdly, these patients may not practice chi kung healing correctly. Genuine chi kung healers who can help their patients recover from illness are very rare nowadays, but bogus chi kung healers are plentiful. It is to prevent these patients from being exploited by bogus healers that prohibitive laws are made.

Fourthly, even when these patients who believe in chi kung healing and learn from competent chi kung healers, they may not practice at all, or they may not practice sufficiently and consistently. This is a main reason why we in Shaolin Wahnam who can provide invaluable chi kung training, charge high fees. When patients or students are willing to pay high fees, they are likely to practice sufficiently and consistently. But if they do not obtain the results promised, they can ask for a refund of the full fees.

These same four hurdles apply to all other forms of performance. For example, why doesn't a kungfu practitioner have internal force?

He does not know how to develop internal force. Even if he has overcome this first hurdle, he does not believe in internal force. Even if he believes in internal force, and knows the methods, he does not train correctly. Or, fourthly, he may not train at all.

Question 2

We have so many arts to choose from if we want to specialize. Is it a good idea to spend one year specializing on one art, another year specializing on a second art, and the third year specializing on a third art?


No, that is not a good idea. It will neglect all the other arts when you specialize on one art for the year. You do not take advantage of breath and depth.

Suppose you know six arts, ABCDEF, and you want to specialize on three arts, ABC. Practice the six arts together but place more emphasis on time and intensity on the three arts you want to specialize in.

An example of how you can do this for each month is as follows, with each letter representing each art, and four weeks of the month are shown.

ABCDEFA ABCDEFB ABCEDEC ABCDEFX with X representing any one of ABC.

Another example is as follows.


A third example is to practice everyday all or some of the arts you know, but with focus on one, two or all the three arts you want to specialize in. The selection of what you want to practice everyday is not rigid. Within the principle described here, you can make you choice, which may not be the same everyday. Personally, I prefer this method.

In any one of the three examples above, you take advantage of breath and depth. Not only you won't neglect the other arts while you specialize on one art, your result at the end of a period of training is better than if you specialize in one art a year.

In other words, if you use any one of the three methods I have suggested, you result is p. If you use the method you propose, your result is q. At the end of a training period, p is more than q.

We are able to have result p because of breath and depth. When we train triple stretch and flowing force, for example, the results of triple stretch and flowing force will enhance each other. For most other people, when they train triple stretch and flowing force, their results will contradict each other.

In other words, because of our understanding of the underlying philosophy of triple stretch and of flowing force, and our ability of energy flow, our result of flowing force after training triple stretch, or vice versa, will be more than had we train only one of the two arts. For most other people, if they train flowing force after training triple stretch, or vice versa, their result will be less.

Indeed, we are elite. Not only we have a very wide range of arts to train in, because of our breath and depth, our results will be enhanced when we train more than one art.

Grandmaster Wong developing flowing force

Question 3

I know that you are very busy, so I will try to make this as short as possible.

— Alfonso, France


You used more than 400 words to say what you can say in less than 100 words.

I would like to make it very clear that the above statement is not meant to reprimand you, but to help you. You are sincere, and your sincerity is shown in your e-mail, but if you can say things in a short, simple and direct manner, it will contribute much in overcoming your present problems.

Question 4

My hunger becomes incontrollable and I vomit. Can you please offer me some advice?


It is possible that your vomiting was due to excessive worrying. Stop worrying, stop intellectualizing, and enjoy your life.

You don't suffer from a so-called incurable disease like cancer, or starving, or without a shelter.

As you have been prone to worrying, it may not be easy for you to stop worrying. But it can be done.

Be comforted that whether you worry or don't worry, you won't die. Be comforted that you life, despite your many real or imagined problems, is still better than many people's lives in third world countries.

Not worrying is a very important aspect in chi kung training

Question 5

Yesterday I ate well, but this morning I felt "hungry" and threw it all up. It usually happens when I practice qigong.


It may due to your wrong qigong practice, which I believe you learn on your own. Stop your qigong practice. Many self-taught qigong students practice wrongly.

Question 6

What scares me is that I have started having palpitations and constant chest pains.


When you worry excessively, you increase palpitations and chest pains. If you reduce your worries, you can reduce your palpitation and chest pains.

If you still have palpitations and chest pains despite not worrying, consult a doctor. But be comforted that you won't die.

It may be difficult to believe, but practicing chi kung can overcome any illness!

Question 7

My mother has suggested going to a special clinic and stay there for a month. It didn't sound as a good idea but now I am considering it.


My opinion is that you need not go to the special clinic and stay for a month if you can stop or at least reduce your unnecessary worrying. If you continue to worry unnecessarily you will still have your problems even if you go to the special clinic to stay for a month.

Question 8

I have registered for the November intensive course. Is it possible for me to attend the courses in France too.


The courses in France are cancelled.

The Intensive Chi Kung Course in November is excellent for you, but you need to practice at home the chi kung taught at the course. If you do not practice on your own, the Intensive Chi Kung Course will give you some novelty, but not permanent benefits.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them to Grandmaster Wong via his Secretary at stating your name, country and e-mail address.



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