Bone Marrow Cleansing

It is ridiculous but true that students in our school take only a few hours to accomplish Bone Marrow Cleansing

Question 1

Why was it that practitioners took many years to accomplish Bone Marrow Cleansing whereas we take only a few hours?

— Sabastian, Spain


There are many reasons that practitioners took many years to accomplish the effects and benefits of Bone Marrow Cleansing, whereas we can do so in a few hours.

First of all, how do we know we have the effects and benefits of Bone Marrow Cleansing? In principle, it is like asking how do we know we sit on chairs. We know from direct experience. The majority of people who have no experience of Bone Marrow Cleansing will not know even when we explain the effects and benefits to them.

Next, how do we accomplish the effects and benefits of Bone Marrow Cleansing in such a ridiculously short time, in a few hours, when practitioners in the past would take years, like 10 to 20 years. It is also helpful to mention that if chi kung practitioners practice for 10 to 20 years, the great majority of them will not have Bone Marrow Cleansing. Only less than 5% of the practitioners will have the effects and benefits, and they usually are not aware of them. They are also unable to generate Bone Marrow Cleansing at will, unlike us.

One important reason is that we differentiate between techniques and skills. Most practitioners don't make the differentiation. They think that if they practice the techniques correctly over a long time, they will have the effects and benefits of Bone Marrow Cleansing. It is obvious to us that this is not true. A lot of people practice chi kung, and the techniques they use are correct. But they do not have the effects and benefits of chi kung because they do not have the skills. Many of them are still sickly and weak despite practicing chi kung for many years.

Not only we have the knowledge to differentiate between techniques and skills, more significantly we are able to apply the necessary skills to get the effects and benefits. We have the skill, for example, to let chi flow at our skin level or at our muscle level.

Most importantly, I transmit the skills to our students. Instead of practicing the techniques for many months to develop the skills, I give them the skills straight-away. If they follow my transmission, they can have the effects and benefits immediately.

It is also worthwhile to know why we call this art "Bone Marrow Cleansing". It is to honour Bodhidharma, the First Patriarch of Shaolin Chi Kung. Chi kung classics mention that chi, or energy, flows at five levels -- the levels of the skin, the muscles, the meridians, the internal organs and the bone marrow.

Actually Bodhidharma mentioned four levels -- the level of the skin, the muscles, the bone, and the bone marrow -- and his Bone Marrow Cleansing was for spiritual cultivation, not just for good health, vitality and longevity in our mundane life. But we still call our art "Bone Marrow Cleansing" in his honour.

Question 2

My daughter has stopped her chi kung practice She has doubts about the effectiveness of chi kung. She felt sick after that and wasn't able to sleep at night. She is also tired. I'm worried about the situation and I ask for your help.

— Carmen, Spain


Your daughter has to practice chi kung to gain its benefits. There is no escape from practice.

She only needs to look at those who practice our chi kung to clear her doubts. All those who practice are happy and healthy. You and Carlos are excellent examples.

She is very lucky to practice our chi kung. Most other chi kung practitioners do not have the same results as we do. And we only need to practice for only about 10 minutes a day. Others have to practice for about an hour.

It is her choice whether she wants to practice and be happy and healthy, or not to practice and be sickly and tired.

A VIP chi kung class in China

Question 3

I read on another forum a post from a guy who wrote 14 years ago as follows: "I know Wong Kiew Kit wrote a book on Choe Family Wing Chun but said he would not publish it on the market for sale in bookstores."

Dear Sigung, is that true that you wrote a book on Choe Family Wing Chun?

— Dimitri, Austria


Yes, I wrote a book on Choe Family Wing Choon a long time ago. It is an interesting book. However, I could not locate the manuscript now. I would have to start afresh if I would write it again.

Question 4

Do you know a man called Hendrik Santos? He claims to be a student of your sifu, Choe Hoong Choy, and he wrote in some threads that he knew you from the time in your sifu's school.


I can't remember Hendrik Santos. When I asked around amongst those who trained at Sifu Choe Hoong Choy's house, they said he was "the Indonesian boy".

Hendrik Santos has done a lot to promote Wing Choon Kungfu, expecially Choe Family Wing Choon. I hope he will teach Choe Family Wing Choon to other people.

Wing Choon Kungfu

An old picture showing Grandmaster Wong performing Choe Family Wing Choon

Question 5

Why did the blockage at my chest take almost all my chi?

— Francisco, Argentina


It is not your blockage taking away your chi, but your blockage prevents your chi from flowing.

It is flowing chi that gives a person vitality. If he has a lot of chi in his body but it is blocked, he won't be energetic.

The amount of chi in children, for example, is less than that in adults, but children are energetic because their chi is flowing.

Question 6

Can I develop my energy through chi kung?


Of course, you can develop your energy through chi kung. This, in fact, is one of the reasons for practicing chi kung. Not only you will increase the amount of energy you have, you will also have better energy flow.

However, much of chi kung practiced today is gentle physical exercise using chi kung techniques, just as much of Taijiquan practiced today is external forms using Taijiquan techniques. Hence, many chi kung practitioners today do not derive the benefits of chi kung, just as many Taiji practitioners today do not derive the benefits of Taijiquan.

A main aim of practicing chi kung is to develop and manage energy for health, vitality and longevity

Question 7

My fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue are cured. I never ever get sick and I am very relaxed.

I do not know why, but in the process of clearing tmy blockage, which was very large and took me 7 months to clear it, it took away some of my muscle mass thus making me weak. My skin looks really pale and my muscles flabby. I also have no sexual desire.

I would love to attend one of your courses, but unfortunately I cannot afford to go to Malaysia.


Congratulations for having overcome your health problems.

Taking 7 months to overcome your health problems is not a long time. Some people are sick or sickly for years.

Overcoming illness and pain is actually not an aim of chi kung, though many people practice chi kung to overcome them. The fundamental aims of chi kung is to have good health, vitality and longevity. Good health includes having normal sexual desire, vitality includes a zest for life, and longevity means a chi kung practitioner should live beyond 60 years.

Unfortunately, genuine chi kung is rare, and high-level genuine chi kung is rarer still. Many people today think they practice chi kung, but actually practice gentle physical exercise using chi kung techniques. Hence they don't have the benefits of genuine chi kung.

There is a big difference between learning form my books and learning from me personally. Many people have found that out and have told me so. Some people, without my knowing, borrowed money to attend my course, and they were, and still are, very happy that they did so.

Question 8

There is a chi kung school near where I live. I am going to attend classes tomorrow.


It is your choice whom you want to learn from. I just want to tell the truth.

Whether you have benefits from your chi kung practice depends on three factors -- the art, the teacher and the student.

If the art is low level, you will have a little benefits. If the art is high level, you will have a lot of benefits.

If the teacher is mediocre, you will have a little benefits. If the teacher is good, you will have a lot of benefits.

If the student is ordinary, he will have a little benefits. If the student is smart, he will have a lot of benefits.

This presumes the practice is correct. If the practice is wrong, there will be harm instead of benefits.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them to Grandmaster Wong via his Secretary at stating your name, country and e-mail address.



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