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Gentle chi kung movements

Question 1

Should a pregnant woman practice chi kung?

— Oksana, Russia


It depends on whether the woman is skillful in chi kung.

If she is skillful, she may practice gentle chi kung, bearing in mind that the needs of her baby and the needs of an adult are different. She should avoid chi kung that generates a lot of movements or a lot of force, and avoid stretching.

If she is not skillful in chi kung, or she is not a chi kung practitioner, it is better to wait until she has delivered her baby before practicing chi kung.

Question 2

If so, what exercise is best for her?


The following exercise is excellent for pregnant women. This exercise has been tested again and again, and has proven to be very useful. It can be practiced by any woman, irrespective of whether she has practiced chi kung before. It is also helpful for men to know this exercise so that they can tell pregnant women.

Breathe in gently but deeply three times. Gently think or visualize that her baby is developing beautifully and healthily and when the time is right her delivery is safe and pleasant. She can practice the exercise while sitting down, standing or moving about. She can practice it any time except noon. A suitable number is about 3 to 5 times a day.

Carrying the Moon

Carrying the Moon

Question 3

Which of the 18 Lohan Hands would you recommend for addressing the combined issues of menstrual pain and PMS, and allergies which cause great brain fog.

— Elizabeth, USA


I don't know what PMS is, but it does not matter, the answer is still the same.

I would recommend "Lifting the Sky", "Carrying the Moon" and "Pushing Mountain" for overcoming these problems or any health problems.

For those used to the Western medical paradigm, which means most educated people today, the statement that practicing genuine chi kung can overcome any health problems may seem odd. But it is clearly stated in all Chinese medical classics which describe the philosophy and practice of the longest health care and medicine of the world by the largest population that if a person's chi flow, or energy flow, is harmonious, no illness can occur.

The three exercises excellently generate a harmonious energy flow. It is inspiring to know that good health is natural.

Question 4

My understanding is that in both cases, liver/gallbladder and stomach/pancreas issues are likely at play.


If you practice the recommended exercises, you need not worry about live/gallbladder or stomach/pancreas issues.

Chi flow

Chi flow will heal any illness!

Question 5

I understand that chi flow, any chi flow, should ultimately clear them. Though I have had great gains in my healing now, these two problems seem very persistent, and I wish to focus on the best 3 chi kung exercises daily for a while to fully heal them. Which 3 would you recommend as best for these two persistent issues?


In chi kung philosophy, chi flow will heal any illness. This may be difficult for those used to Western medical philosophy to believe, but it is true.

The three chi kung exercises I have recommended -- "Lifting the Sky", "Carrying the Moon" and "Pushing Mountain" -- are excellent for any illness.

Question 6

I would also like to know your opinion of how to best practice Abdominal Breathing, given that my daily practice now consists of One Finger Shooting Zen, Lifting the Sky, and Horse Stance/Golden Bridge. Maybe 3 times a week I use 30 - 50 repetitions of Pushing Mountains instead of LTS to begin, and to continue my Cosmos Palm training. This is my morning, or sometimes evening, practice.

I practice whichever 18 Lohan Hands or 18 Jewels. However, I would like to practice 3 best exercises to focus on menstrual issues and allergies. When I can, I do some Cosmos Palm and Taijiquan practice in the afternoon -- maybe 20 minutes, with some additional stances. Occasionally, I perform Cosmic Shower alone in place of my other chi kung.


It does not matter what other exercises you practice or do not practice. Just practice Abdominal Breathing or whatever chi kung exercise you want to practice.

Irrespective of whether you practice Abdominal Breathing by itself, or in combination with other exercises, do guard against over-training. It is better to under-train than to over-train.

Beautiful and Joyful

Everyday is beautiful, everyday is joyful

Question 7

I cannot clearly remember the instructions from Italy on Abdominal Breathing. I chose not to take notes as you suggested but found I couldn't remember clearly either.


Just practice Abdominal Breathing. You don't have to take notes. If you need any theoretical knowledge, you can read my books or my webpages. If you take notes, you will be out of a chi kung state of mind, which means that you are just performing the outward form of the exercises and not getting their essence.

Question 8

Have you reached a state of enlightenment?

— Marina, Russia


No, I haven't reached a state of Enlightenment. You will notice that I use capital E for Enlightenment.

In Buddhist terms, Enlightenment means Emptiness or Suchness, which is Tathagatha in Sanskrit. In Taoist terms it is Void or Tao, meaning the Way. In Western terms, it is God the Holy Spirit, i.e. everything there is.

Please note that God the Holy Spirit is different from God the Father, whom pious Christians meet in heaven. In scientific terms, God the Holy Spirit is Universal Energy.

Enlightenment, Void, God the Holy Spirit and Universal Energy is undifferentiated. It is only in the phenomenal realm that there is differentiation. In our world, for example, there are countless entities, like a mountain, a chair, different people, a butterfly and a bacterium.

It is wonderful that all religions teach the same truth. It is one of the most beautiful thing I have found in our chi kung.

Question 9

What is the true nature and meaning of life you know?


Understandably, different people will have different true natures and meanings of life. For me, and for many people in our school, the true nature of life is beauty, and the true meaning is to live life joyfully.

Every day is beautiful, and everyday is joyful. You too will find the beauty and joy of life.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them to Grandmaster Wong via his Secretary at stating your name, country and e-mail address.



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