JUNE 2020 PART 1

Golden Bridge

Golden Bridge

Question 1

After half an hour in Golden Bridge my mind is calm and body relaxed, which enhances the flow of chi to the finger.

— Karol, Norway


Being calm and relaxed are very important in any exercise. Most people are tensed and their mind filled with myriad thoughts in their daily life.

If you can be calm and relaxed after half an hour of Golden Bridge, you have done exceedingly well. Most people are tensed after 10 minutes of Golden Bridge or any stance training. They commit a serious crime; they regard stance training as an endurance test. On the other hand, you experience "subtle joys" that are available only to masters.

Question 2

Knowing that I am not deviating while Small Universe goes round during stance training makes it more pleasurable and myself happy. I noticed that Sigung's answer gave my Small Universe freedom -- before I was trying to close it in a cage and control it during the practice.


Gradually your Small Universe becomes natural. You may not even realize your Small Universe going round, but it gives you tremendous health, vitality, longevity, peak performance and spiritual joy.

These are the wonderful benefits we want to have in life. The benefits will come naturally, spontaneously. You don't have to do anything to get these benefits. In other words, because of your Small Universe, you will never be sick, full of life, live to a ripe old age, do better in whatever you do, and find everyday peaceful and happy.

Small Universe

Small Universe

Question 3

I found similar descriptions in some of the books of Dr Yang Wing Ming and Master Wang Liping. Is it the advanced mode of sitting meditation? Can Sigung be that kind and compare the effects of such practice vs empty mind zen meditation and focusing on dan tian meditation?


When you mentioned Dr Yang Wing Ming, I wondered whether you were referring to Dr Yang Jwing Ming. Both Dr Yang Jwing Ming and Master Wang Liping are great chi kung masters.

Sitting meditation in an advanced mode is necessary for stopping rain. I would like to emphasize that by meditation I mean mind training. It is not just sitting in a lotus position.

I clearly remember that once I asked my sifu, Sifu Ho Fatt Nam, how to perform sitting meditation. He just told me to think of nothing and do nothing. I was a good student. I just followed what he said, though I thought to myself that thinking of nothing and doing nothing was very simple, and there were more elaborate techniques of meditation, like a master creating something from nothing, or ordering a god to serve him.

Much later I realized that what my master taught me was the most advanced. Thinking of nothing and doing nothing leads us to the transcendental, creating something from nothing or ordering a god to serve a master is still phenomenal. Empty mind zen meditation is transcendental, focusing on dan tian meditation is phenomenal.

Question 4

I really want to heal myself. I have severe stress problems, not sleeping at night, can't handle heat, or the sun. I get sick, dizziness and headache when I'm in the sun even for an hour. I got intoxicated with a glue, since then all these symptoms appeared. I have asthma all my life, allergies and 10 years ago vertigo (still all of them). I had 2 miscarriages and since then can't get pregnant.

— Claudia, Australia


You will be please to know that according to chi kung philosophy, all diseases are caused by energy blockage, and genuine chi kung is excellent in breaking through blockage. Once your blockage is cleared, you will be healthy, which is natural.

In other words, we are all healthy by nature, but when there is blockage there may be illness. If the blockage occurs in the blood stream, a person's blood may be unable to bring anti-viruses to overcome the viruses, which may cause him to be infected. If the blockage occurs in natural processes, the natural processes will not be able to function properly, resulting in the person having cancer, heart problems, diabetes or other organic diseases. If the blockage fails to flush out negative emotions, he may have psychiatric or psychological problems, like depression and phobia.

Chi flow, or energy flow, will clear blockage resulting in good health. Then chi flow will become vigorous, giving the person vitality. If he continues practicing genuine chi kung, spelt as "qigong" in Chinese, there will be more chi, or energy. The excess chi will naturally be stored in his energy fields and side meridians, giving him longevity. Hence, practicing chi kung will give a practitioner good health, vitality and longevity.

However genuine chi kung is rare, very rare. What is practiced today is gentle physical exercise, although practitioners call it chi kung. Practitioners use chi kung techniques but they lack genuine chi kung skills. They are unable to generate a chi flow which gives them good health, vitality and longevity.

A good analogy is Taijiquan, usually spelt as "Tai Chi Chuan" in English. Many people practice Taijiquan, but actually they only practice external Taijiquan techniques without the skills to defend themselves and to have internal force, which genuine Taijiquan will provide.

The best course of action for you is to attend my Intensive Chi Kung Course. Please see my website for available dates. You can read about the Unbelievable Intensive Chi Kung Course here. It is important that you must practice on your own when you have returned home for only about 10 minutes a session, two sessions a day. You should focus the skills taught on the first day to overcome your illness. Later you can focus on the second day and the third day to have peak performance and spiritual joys irrespective of your religion.

Horse-Riding Stance

Horse-Riding Stance

Question 5

During Zhan Zhuang (in general, not only during Cosmos Palm training) I have noticed that I have three distinct methods of relaxing.

One method has a light, expanding, flowing sensation. The second method has a heavy, full, sinking sensation. Both of these methods require a gentle thought to enter that particular mode of relaxation. The third method is simply having no gentle thought, and whatever happens just happens.

I mostly practice the third method, as it seems the closest to your instruction for Zhan Zhuang. However, I occasionally practice the other methods for fun, at times alternating back and forth between the two to create a "breathing" sensation of expanding and consolidating energy.

Can you offer any insight into this experience? Are there any benefits to these other modes of relaxing? Are there reasons to avoid such practice?

— Sifu Matt Fenton, Shaolin Wahnam USA


The various modes of relaxation are due to your state of mind. For example, if your mind feels that you are light, then you become light, flowing and expanding. If your mind feels that you are heavy, then you have a full, sinking sensation.

The third method, I believe, is the best. Let what happens just happens. God, or Nature, always works the best for us. If your body needs to be light, you feel light; if your body needs to be heavy, you feel heavy. If you need chi to flow to certain organ, chi will flow to the organ.

But you must be relaxed. If you tense any muscles, you interrupt the work of God or Nature. This is expressed as "wu-wei".

My insight is to let God, or Nature, work the best for us. But it is good to know the philosophy, and once a while we may interrupt God's or Nature's work, like when we know we require certain needs such as when we have sprained our ankle.

The benefits to these modes of relaxing is when you think your particular need is urgent. When you have sprained your ankle, for example, you may want it to be normal again. So you send chi there. If you don't send chi there, everntually your ankle will be well, but it will take a long time. God or Nature may send chi to your heart or kidneys instead.

The main reasons are not to tense and not to think of myriad thoughts. They will lead a practitioner into a chi kung state of mind, which is a modern term coined by the great chi kung master, Sifu Yan Xin. In the past, it was called entering silence. In Western terms it is entering a heightened state of consciousness.

Entering into a chi kung state of mind, entering silence, or entering a heightened state of consciousness, is the basic requirement to practice any internal art. More than 80% of chi kung practitioners and any internal art cultivators cannot enter into a chi kung state of mind. Hence, what they practice even after many years is just gentle physical exercise.

Masters -- real ones, not what we call due to politeness -- have entered into a chi kung state of mind, but they are usually unaware of it. Hence, they take a long time to become masters of their arts though they practice every day.

Question 6

Some methods of training include Pushing Mountains while sitting in horse riding stance, while others do not. What is the benefit of using horse riding stance vs having feet together?


When we use the Horse-Riding Stance, i.e. when the base is wide, we consolidate energy. When we stand upright, which is using the Wuji Stance, i.e. having feet together, we let energy flow.

In our school we stand upright when performing "Pushing Mountains". Later we perform "Forceful Big Windmill". By standing upright we can develop Cosmos Palm in a very short time.

We know it is Cosmos Palm because we can perform whatsoever that those with Cosmos Palm can perform. We should therefore practice Cosmos Palm by standing upright.

That was how I learned Cosmos Palm. I took many months, whereas many of our students took only days.

I did not know why I stood upright when practicing Cosmos Palm. I was a good student; I just followed the instructions of my sifu who was so kind and generous to teach me a secretive art.

But now I realize that it is important to keep chi flowing, and standing upright is the best position to ensure chi flow. It is necessary to start with chi flow, and even when we consolidate energy into Cosmos Palm, we have to keep chi flowing.

Nevertheless, if you are sure of your chi flowing, you may perform "Pushing Mountains" for fun in a Horse-Riding Stance. Your chi is still flowing because you are totally relaxed and think of nothing, but your emphasis is on consolidating.

Triple Stretch Method

Triple Stretch Method

Question 7

In the majority of training that I have done which utilizes the force method of triple stretch, force is consolidated during the push when exhaling. However, during "Forceful Big Windmill", force is consolidated during both the inhale as well as the exhale. Are there different results or reasons for one vs the other?


This is because of your mind, which is the result of your training. Suppose for odd reasons someone is used to consolidating while inhaling using the triple stretch method, though this is not a good method, he will consolidate energy while inhaling. He may also consolidate while exhaling, or he may let his chi flowing while exhaling.

This is provided that he does not harm himself. (The reason for consolidating while exhaling will become clear later.) If all other things were equal, the method of consolidating while inhaling is inferior to consolidating while exhaling.

If the one consolidating while inhaling is a master, and the other letting chi to flow while inhaling is a student, then other things are not equal. Because of the difference in skills, the master may develop Cosmos Palm better than the student.

The triple stretch method and the Forceful Big Windmill method are different methods. The triple stretch method is effective to develop internal force, but not necessarily Cosmos Palm. As far as I know, the Forceful Big Windmill method is used only to consolidate energy in Cosmos Palm.

The philosophy why you consolidate energy when you exhale while pushing out is, I believe, that flowing energy is necessary even when you consolidate energy. Not many masters know this fact. They regard that if they have the techniques, they would eventually have the results if they practice long enough.

The methods to develop Cosmos Palm have been established, i.e. if practitioners follow the methods successfully over some time, they will have the results of Cosmos Palm. It is only wise to follow established methods. Only when we know the established methods very well, we may make modifications if necessary.

Generally, when we exhale we let energy flow, and when we inhale we consolidate energy into internal force. As letting energy flow is necessary even when we consolidate energy, we consolidate when exhaling.

This is a general rule. When we are skilful, we may consolidate energy while inhaling. A good example is "Double Dragons Embrace Moon" (which is the pattern just before "Double Dragons Emerges from Sea"). When inhaling we can consolidate energy.

Question 8

Would you classify Cosmos Palm training more as a method to develop internal force, or more as a method to develop the skills of using internal force?


I would classify Cosmos Palm as both a method to develop internal force as well as the skills of using the internal force. This is in line with the concept of "kung-yung" in Cantonese Chinese, or "gong-yong" in Mandarin Chinese, which may be translated as "body-use" in English.

The method to develop internal force of Cosmos Palm is the "body", and the skills of using the internal force of Cosmos Palm is the "use". Similarly, kungfu technique is the "body", combat application of the technique is the "use". The medicine a patient takes is the "body", the working of the medicine to make the patient recover is the "use".

However, if I have to choose only one aspect, I would classify Cosmos Palm training as the method to develop internal force. In other words, I would choose "body". But without its "use" the "body" becomes useless.

Editorial Note:

Sifu Matt Fenton's questions can be found at May 2020 Part 3 and June 2020 Part 2.

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