January to June 2020

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January 2020 Part 1

chi flow

According to Chinese medical philosophy and practice, the philosophy and practice that is carried out by the largest population of the world for the longest continued history, all illness is caused by energy blockage.

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January 2020 Part 2

Cloud Hands

I believe "Cloud Hands" evolved from Zhang San Feng himself when he completed his Taijiquan training, called Shaolin Kungfu at his time, and stood still at the Wuji Stance. Later when he taught his few disciples, like Tai Yi Zen Ren who became his successor, he formalized the Cloud Hands movements to "Lazy to Roll up Sleeves", which was an important and initial pattern in Chen Style Taijiquan.

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January 2020 Part 3

Hartono of Indonesia

A very good way to tell if a person is practicing chi kung correctly is to see whether he gets the benefits chi kung is purported to give.

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February 2020 Part 1

chi flow

For some reasons, what is practiced as chi kung is gentle physical exercise using chi kung forms. A good analogy is Tai Chi Chuan, often shortened to Tai Chi.

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February 2020 Part 2

Pushing Mountain

The Chi Kung Healing Course is wonderful. I believe that Chi Kung Healing will be very important in future. According to chi kung philosophy, there is no such a thing as an incurable disease!

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February 2020 Part 3

Carrying the Moon

The main thing in chi kung is the skills, not the techniques. As an analogy, you may learn the techniques of swimming from a good book or a good video, but if you don't have the skills, you can't swim.

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March 2020 Part 1

Lifting Water

Focusing on one thought which will lead to eliminating other thoughts is a very good principle in quieting the mind. Many spiritualists use this method, like focusing on a pebble or reciting a mantra. "Lifting the Sky" is excellent in this approach.

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March 2020 Part 2

Tiger Claw

It is alright if you practice without a master as long as you follow what I mention on the webpages. It is much better if you can attend my Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course if you have some martial art foundation, or my Intensive Chi Kung Course if you don't have any foundation.

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March 2020 Part 3


I am sorry to say that much of Tai Chi Chuan, usually shortened to Tai Chi, and Chi Kung practiced today are just external forms without their essence. Most Tai Chi practitioners have no internal force and cannot use their techniques for combat. Many Chi Kung practitioners are sickly and weak despite having practiced Chi Kung for many years.

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April 2020 Part 1

Attain faster

When I mentioned that it took a month for a typical Shaolin Wahnam student to achieve what I achieved in a year when I was a student, many other people might not believe it. As I have often said, that is their problem, but it is true.

I must add that what I accomplished when I was a student was remarkable. At the best when I was a student, I was never sick, and I remained undefeated, the first being the aim of chi kung, and the second being the aim of kungfu or any martial art. But it is true that what a typical Shaolin Wahnam student achieves in a month, I would need a year.

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April 2020 Part 2

Making women more feminine

The key point was sincerity. I really wanted my students to benefit from genuine chi kung. I started to teach to the public with chi kung, though earlier I taught kungfu in Shaolin Wahnam Association. Kungfu was a hobby.

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April 2020 Part 3


Today, most people do not practice genuine Taijiquan; they cannot use what they practice for combat, and they do not have internal force. They practice, what we call, Taiji dance. It is a sensitive statement, but it is the truth, and it is beneficial that our students know it.

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May 2020 Part 1


Yes, you can send blessings to evil people to help them recuperate and eventually be better people. Indeed, many religious people do that. On the other hand, whether the sender of blessings will succeed, depends on a number of factors. If their hearts are closed, they are unlikely to succeed.

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May 2020 Part 2

Small Universe

Small Universe is very important, especially in our phenomenal world. It will ensure your health, vitality and longevity. It will give you a lot of energy and mental clarity, and it will make you very lucky.

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May 2020 Part 3

Form and Shadow

"If there is form, strike the form. If there is no form, chase the shadow" is a very effective tactic irrespective of at what level the opponent is.

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June 2020 Part 1

Golden Bridge

If you can be calm and relaxed after half an hour of Golden Bridge, you have done exceedingly well. Most people are tensed after 10 minutes of Golden Bridge or any stance training. They commit a serious crime; they regard stance training as an endurance test. On the other hand, you experience "subtle joys" that are available only to masters.

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June 2020 Part 2

Cosmos Palm

Cosmos Palm is for combat. If all other things were equal, a Cosmos Palm master can heel better if he also knows healing. If he does not know healing, he should not attempt to heal.

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June 2020 Part 3

Striking Tiger Poise

In kungfu, any genuine types of kungfu, you don't have to cross-train. There are also no safety rules. If you are proficient in the 12 Wahnam Taijiquan combat sequences, you can handle any combatants.

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