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A hallmark of our chi kung is chi flow

Question 1

Thank you for your great advice on my tooth! It worked marvellously. Funnily enough, western medicine considers it to be incurable and I would have to go to hospital to get it treated!

— Sifu Roeland Dijkema, Shaolin Wahnam Netherlands


Sending chi to the tooth is a wonderful exercise. As long as there is chi flow, there is life. It doesn't matter whether it is a tooth or a gigantic star. And a hallmark of our chi kung is chi flow.

I learned that chi flow is necessary for life long ago when I treated a cancer patient in Spain. She was so bad that she could die any time. Of course she recovered from cancer.

She told me that as long as she practiced her chi kung, she would live. At first I thought it was poetic. Much later I knew it is factual -- as long as there is chi, there is life, irrespective of whether it is an infinitesimal one-cell microorganism or an infinite star.

There are a lot of "incurable" diseases in Western medicine. Cancer is an example. Other examples are heart problems, diabetes, arthritis, depression, anxiety, and even the cough and the common cold. But Western medicine is the norm today, and Western technology is very advanced. I believe that chi kung therapy will be the medicine in future.

Question 2

I have also gone on holiday as you advised and I am enjoying it tremendously with my family!


It is great that you are enjoying your holidays with your family. Every day is our birthday, and we should be healthy, happy and peaceful when we practice our Shaolin Wahnam arts.

Cosmic Shower

Cosmic Shower

Question 3

You wrote that in Cosmic Shower, a practitioner cleansed so thoroughly that not a spec of dust remainsed. Does this mean that a practitioner can erase bad karma and blockages until the practitioner is enlightened?


When I wrote that Cosmic Shower cleansed a practitioner so thoroughly that not a spec of dust remained, I meaned that he attained Enlightenment. Enlightenment in Buddhism, which is actually not a religion but a way of life, and enlightenment in the age of enlightenment in Western culture, need some explanation.

Enlightenment in Western culture means understanding the reasons behind. It needs intellectualization or thinking. Enlightenment in Buddhism means experiencing Cosmic Reality, or in Western terms a return to God the Holy Spirit, or in science the merging with the undifferentiated spread of energy.

The difference is that Western enlightenment needs intellectualization, whereas Buddhist Enlightenment does not need intellectualization, because once there is intellectualization it starts the endless process to the phenomenal realm.

Karma and blockages occur in the phenomenal realm. We have to clear karma and blockages before we can attain Enlightenment, or a return to God the Holy Spirit and nothing else, or in scientific terms the undifferentiated spread of energy.

Question 4

We have chi flow which erases blockages or is Cosmic Shower much more efficient?


Please note that earlier I used "Induced Chi Flow" to mean "Self-Manifested Chi Movement", which was a kind of chi kung where a set of three exercises were performed continusouly. Now we use chi flow to mean outward, vigorous chi flow movements.

Cosmic Shower is deeper than chi flow. The blockages are usually caused in previous lives. First we use chi flow. If the blockages are not cleared, we use Cosmic Shower.

The question of which is more efficient depends on whether the blockages are recently caused or caused long ago. If the blockages are recently caused, chi flow is more efficient. If the blockages are caused long ago, like in past lives, we use Cosmic Shower.

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is not a dance

Question 5

In Submerged Breathing chi flows from the Dan Tian to Hui Yin. I think Hui Yin is considered as the most yin point in the body. Why then is it so good at promoting sexual abilities? I thought that sexual energy would be mostly yang.


Submerged Breathing is good at promoting sexual abilities because it is near the external sexual organs. Actually the internal sexual organs are very important, especially the mind which is spiritual, and the pituitary glands which are physical.

"Yin" and "yang" are symbols. The concept of yin-yang harmony is often used in Chinese culture, and is often misunderstood. What is "yin" in one context, may be "yang" in another. For example, when we say that a mouse is "yin", we usually compare it, subconsciously, with a bigger animal, like an elephant, which is "yang". If we compare the elephant with a forest, the elephant becomes "yin", and the forest "yang".

When sexual energy is compared with an external sexual organ, sexual energy is "yang" and the external sexual organ "yin". When sexual energy is compared with intellectual energy, in this case the comparison is beteern sexual anergy and intellectual energy, sexual energy is "yin" and intellectual energy "yang".

Question 6

Most of my students discover Tai Chi Chuan for the first time with our classes. Thus luckily they do not have the luggage of "modern Taichi dance" and get to learn it based on our syllabus.

— Sifu Andrea Zilio, Shaolin Wahnam Switzerland


As most of your students start Tai Chi Chuan the first time with your classes and therefore do not have the luggage of Taiji dance, it is easy for them to think that your rate of teaching is the norm, and that genuine Tai Chi Chuan is common.

Please remember that Shaolin Wahnam students now take only one month to attain what I did in a year, and I was a very good student. It is more than 10 times as fast, which is tremendously a lot. Even if students are 2 times as fast, it is quite remarkable.

Modern Taiji dancers perform the Tai Chi Chuan form wrongly, as evident in their being weak and sickly, and they suffer from knee injuries. Performing Taiji form is all they do with Taiji dance.

Tai Chi Chuan is a wonderful art, and we are among the very few who teach it correctly. Being accomplished in the Shaolin arts, as Tai Chi Chuan developed from Shaolin, is actually better than changing stones to gold by touch. At first I thought it was an exaggeration, but later I discovered that it is factually true.

Dragon of the Shaolin Five Animals

Dragon of the Shaolin Five Animals

Question 7

The biggest challenge is that my students are generally very busy in their professional and private lives. Thus many of them find it challenging to practice and repeat what they have learned in class once they go beyond level 2.


A main benefit of our arts is cost-effectiveness. Your students need only half an hour to practice, not learn, their Tai Chi Chuan. If they can't spend half an hour, they spend just 10 minutes, in which case they have to rotate what they have practiced.

They will have wonderful benefits, like being accomplished in the Shaolin arts said earlier. If your students can't spend the time to practice, they don't deserve to be your students. Ask them to leave.

Many people confuse learning and practicing. In learning, practitioners go over new material. In practicing, they go over again and again the material they have learned.

It is in practicing that they gain their benefits. Your students become more cost-effective not because of learning but because of practicing. I am now about 75, and I haven't been sick since I practice the Shaolin arts seriously, which was more than 50 years ago.

Question 8

I'm interested in learning the following sets.

Cross Roads at Four Gates
Shaolin Pakua Set
Shaolin Five Animals
Shaolin Flower Set
Shaolin Seven-Star Set
Essence of Shaolin
Dragon Strength

I want to learn it slowly one pattern at a time.

I'm still a student so I don't have much money to attend your courses. My parents are not very well off financially.

— Bala, India


If you wish to learn these kungfu sets, you have to learn from a master who is willing to teach you at his terms. Most "masters" teach kungfu forms but they can't use these forms for fighting, or if they have to fight they would borrow techniques from other arts.

The best action for you at present is to stick with the programme I have devised for non-Shaolin Wahnam members. You have to progress slowly and follow my instructions carefully.

Question 9

I would also like to learn the relevant chi kung, force training and combat application. Is it possible for you to teach me all this over emails? Can you teach me to have a chi flow over emails?

I think it is possible. I once had a chi flow after practicing the horse riding stance for 5 minutes. I was laughing so much my father thought I had gone mad. It took me 45 minutes to return to normal.

I have allotted 50 minutes in the evening everyday except Sunday for kung fu: 06 30 pm to 07 20 pm.


I would not want to teach you over emails.

Most people who practice chi kung and kungfu from living teachers don't have a chi flow.

You may have a chi flow previously, but it is best to learn from a living master.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them to Grandmaster Wong via his Secretary at stating your name, country and e-mail address.



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