Adding internal force

Adding internal force where the physcial body cannot bear is over-training

Question 1

We think of the lower dan tian being 2 inches below the naval.

— Sifu Mark Hartnett, Shaolin Wahnam Ireland


Regarding the "qi hai" energy point, some people speak of it as the lower dan tian, and some people speak of it as the middle dan tian. "Dan tian" means energy field. It is where energy, or "qi" (as spelt in Romanized Chinese), gathers. There are many dan tian in the body.

Generally, we have the "bai hui" and the "tan chong" as the upper dan tian, the "qi hai" and "guan yuan" as the middle dan tian, the "hui ying" and the "ming men" as the lower dan tian, the two "lao gong" as the hand dan tian, and the two "yong quan" as the leg dan tian.

"Bai hui" is located at the top of the head, "tan chong" at the solar plexus, "qi hai" and "guan yuan" at two and three inches respectively below the navel, "hui ying" between the external sex organ and the tip of the back bones, "ming men" behind the back opposite tbe navel, "lao gong" in the middle of the palms, and "yong quan" about a third from the toes at the soles of the feet. An inch is measured between the two knuckles of the right index finger.

Energy points are fixed, but dan tian, or energy fields, may move within a short distance. Great masters, like Pak Mei for example, is reputed to have moved his dan tian. As said earlier, some people refer to the "qi hai" energy point as the middle dan tian, and others refer to it as the lower dan tian. Some people refer to the "guan yuan" energy point, which means "original source", as the abdominal dan tian.

Some texts refer to the abdominal dan tian as 2 inches, and some refer to it as 3 inches below the navel. In my 30s, I asked whether it was 2 inches or 3 inches. Later I discovered that the abdominal dan tian could be 2 inches or 3 inches below the navel, as whether it referred to the "qi hai" or the "guan yuan" energy points.

If we take the head and the feet of the whole body, "qi hai" and "guan yuan" are in the middle. If we take only the trunk of the body, they are at the lower part of the trunk.

Question 2

You said, "Right now you must rest. Actually you are not resting." I have been thinking about this all week.

— Brian, USA


I mean not to add internal force to your training because you have a lot of internal force, and your physical body may not take further internal force. You are enjoying yourself with Katie and doing your professional work.

It is alright to have occasional chi flow, although it is powerful and it may occur naturally. Gradually you can train chi kung and kungfu, but remember that a Shaolin Wahnam student will get in a month what I got in a year as a student. Even if you work at 30% of your potential, which may not be easy as you are used to working at your potential, you will be much faster than most other very good students not in Shaolin Wahnam.

Good karma

Grandmaster Wong and Brian at an Asking Bridge Course in 2018

Question 3

Can our Chi Kung also clear karma directly? Are certain exercises relatively better at this than others? As a theoretical question, can one also attain Enlightenment by just practising Chi Kung which focuses on spiritual cleansing without sitting meditation?

— Sifu Roeland Dijkema, Shaolin Wahnam Netherlands


Chi kung can clear karma.

Indeed, those who learn from Shaolin Wahnam Institute have very good karma. Not only they learn genuine chi kung and kungfu, they are happy and peaceful every day.

Genuine chi kung clears karma, but certain exercises are especially effective. If we want to expand into the Cosmos, any one exercise from Sinew Metamorphosis (practiced in Shaolin Wahnam) and Cosmic Breathing are better than others. If we want to have peak performance, develop internal force and mental clarity, Lifting the Sky, Carrying the Moon and Pushing Mountain are effective. If we want to overcome illness, Self-Manifested Chi Movement is effective.

If we just practice chi kung, which must be genuine, to attain Enlightenment, it will take a very long time -- usually far longer than one's lifetime. Genuine chi kung, even at a low level, focuses on spiritual cleansing. It is triple-cultivation -- it focuses on the physical, the energy and the spirit. Gentle physical exercise, which most people practice though they call it "chi kung", focuses only on the physical.

Most people perform sitting meditation, or think they perform "sitting meditation", which is the training of the spirit. Actually they only sit in a lotus position, a semi-lotus position or crossed-legged, but a lot of thoughts come to their mind. In the training of spirit (or mind), a practitioner must clear all thoughts.

But we in Shaolin Wahnam Institute use standing meditation. In any one of the Sinew Metamorphosis exercises or Cosmic Breathing, we develop a lot of internal force to break through the illusionary body. We have developed a lot of mental clarity and we understand the philosophy of Cosmic Reality.

Our standing meditation is more effective than what many people do in sitting meditation. This may make many other people angry, but as I have said many times, this is their problem. I taught sitting meditation in Shaolin Wahnam Association, but discontinued to do so because of a good reason.

Question 4

I feel even healthier after having taken the healer course with you!!! It is amazing and I thank you so much :).

At the healer course Sigung said for patients we should open their points and send chi everyday for a year. Sigung also said that we can open our own points and send chi to them too. Can we do this to ourselves everyday for a year as well?

— Miguel, Netherlands


I'm sorry if I have caused some misunderstanding. What I mean is that you can open the energy points and send chi at the start of the healing, but not for a year. We can open our own energy points and start sending chi at the beginning of healing, but certainly not for a year.

We can do better to have a chi flow. But for people who do not know chi kung, we can send them chi, not only for the start but for 2 or 3 sessions. I did this for children, and for people who were sick and started to learn our chi kung.

When we do chi flow, we let God or natural chi flow to do the healing. The chi flow will clear blockages which are important but we may not know. When we send chi to clear the blockages, we know where the blockages are.

When Yuna (of Austria) had a stomach arch, I opened her energy points and sent chi to her stomach. Yuna was small then; she is now a lovely lady. I did this for less than 10 minutes. For this I earned the title "magic man". I did know about this at first, later her father, Sylvester, told me.

When Yuna was bigger, but still a young girl, she fell from a horse. She was bad, but it was too late to take her to a hospital. I did my magic again. I opened her energy point and sent her chi. I did this only once, for about 15 minutes. She recovered and didn't need to go to a hospital.

When Gillan (from Toronto) was small (she is now a lovely lady), she visited me in Malaysia with her parents. She suddenly developed a stomach ache. I opened her energy points and sent chi to her only once for about 10 minutes. We did this in a restaurant in front of many people. She recovered.

When I went to Australia many years ago, a small boy accidentally hit a table. A swelling rapidly developed. I opened his energy point and sent chi to him only once for about 10 minutes. It was in a restaurant in front of many people. The swelling disappeared and he was fine.

Zhang San Feng

Zhang San Feng, picture taken from

Question 5

Could I please request Sifu to check if these are the same Chinese characters used by the Great Zhang San Feng in his Treatise to write "Triple Cultivation" in Chinese?

— John, Ireland


"Triple cultivation" is an English term. In Chinese it is normal to say cultivation of "jing", "qi" and "shen", which are the physical, the energy and the spirit.

If Zhang San Feng were to say "triple cultivation" he would say "san xiu", which actually means "triple cultivation", and are formed in the Chinese characters provided by you minus the last character.

Question 6

Sifu, I want to say thank you for saving me with your Special Teaching many times. If not for being lucky enough to be Sifu's student, I think I would have surely failed or maybe not have even got this far.


You are now 16 times more cost-effective than when you did not practice our Shaolin Wahnam arts, and 16 times more cost effective than most other people. How did I work out 16 times?

If you are tensed, you will produce better results if you are relaxed. If you are distracted, you will produce better results if you are focused. If you don't have internal force, you will produce better results if you have internal force. If you don't have mental clarity, you will produce better results if you have mental clarity. Now as you practice our Shaolin arts, you are not just 4 times but 16 times more cost-effective because of exponential progression.

But the most important is to be happy every day. Every day is our birthday.

Wudang Set

John performing a San Feng Wudang Set

Question 7

The one I am most proud of is being promoted as an Instructor by my Sifu and I look forward to spreading the Shaolin Arts and teaching Kungfu very soon now that I will have more time.


You will not only be an instructor but become a master one day. Let us not only make deserving students 16 times more cost-effective, but give them good health, vitality and longevity, and make every day a joy. "Being accomplished in the Shaolin arts (and Wudang Kungfu came from Shaolin) is better than changing stones to gold by touch".

Question 8

I hope I can find a beautiful wife and build a good home, maybe even have some children and be happy with my parents.


You will have a beautiful wife, have children and be happy with your parents.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them to Grandmaster Wong via his Secretary at stating your name, country and e-mail address.



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