May 2021 PART 3

Intensive Chi Kung Course

An Intensive Chi Kung Course in Dec 2019. Sifu Andrew is at the background on the right.

Question 1

If the Intensive Chi Kung Course has notes and videos, I wonder why people still join the same course again? Are there a lot of pointers that's hard to do or hard to do correctly and needs a sifu to correct our interpretation?

— Danny, Malaysia


Many people still join the same course because they want to deepen their skills. For example, at random Sifu Andrew and Sifu Roland of Switzerland have joined the Intensive Chi Kung Course many, many times. They are in fact teaching the same three chi kung exercises, but each time they attend the same Intensive Chi Kung Course, they learn something they have not learned before.

When I teach an Intensive Chi Kung Course, there is a range of students, including instructors, that range from a beginner's level to a master's level. I go over the same skills, but beginners usually focus on the techniques of the chi kung exercises. Intermediate students focus on skills like keeping their hands straight when performing "Lifting the Sky", or when performing "Carrying the Moon" having a beautiful arch when bending their body. Advanced practitioners, because they know the techniques very well, focus on deepening skills, like keeping their palms and their arms at right angles when performing "Lifting the Sky", or having a proper circle when performing "Carrying the Moon".

The techniques of chi kung are quite easy. As said earlier, you can learn the techniques from a good book or a good video. It is the skills that are crucial. The most important skill in performing chi kung is to enter into a chi kung state of mind. More than 80% of practitioners cannot enter into a chi kung state of mind. It is hard to believe, but I took many years to enter into a chi kung state of mind. You will enter into a chi kung state of mind within the first half an hour of the Intensive Chi Kung Course, or else you will not be practicing chi kung; you will only practice chi kung techniques.

If I have to choose between repeating a course and attending a new course, I would choose repeating a course. But there are also many benefits in attending a new course.

Question 2

Do you mean the next course is the Small and Big Universe course combined?


I took 6 months to conduct the Small Universe Course more than 30 years ago, and another 6 months to conduct the Big Universe Course.

But you can learn the Small Universe and the Big Universe in one course of just a few days. Many people who attended the Big Universe Course found themselves outside their physical bodies. It was a life-changing experience.

The Small and Big Universe Course is one that you should attend later.

Shaolin Kungfu

Shaolin Kungfu

Question 3

If I had prolong migraine, tiredness, lose weight, wrist and knee pain, would I be able to get rid of these after I join the intensive course and practice it? To be frank I am taking long term medication for these sickness. Or must I attend the advance course i.e. healer course to heal myself?


Your migraine, tiredness, and wrist and knee pain will go away if you practice at home what you will learn. I had migraine when I was young, or younger as some students told me. At 75, I can roll and run, and I have never been sick for more than 50 years.

I used to carry "dusils" in my younger days, but when I learned from my sifu, Sifu Ho Fatt Nam, the third generation successor of the southern Shaolin Monastery, my migraine was overcome, and I didn't know about it. I just performed "Lifting the Sky", but I was not carrying any "dusils".

One of my most memorable experiences was teaching chi kung to a lady more than 30 years ago. She was dying of cancer. Of course she overcame cancer. She told me that she would die any time, but as long as she practiced chi kung, she would live. I thought it was very poetic, but later I realized that it was factual. As long as there is chi (or "qi" in Romanised Chinese), everyone would live, as life is a meaningful flow of chi.

You need not take a Chi Kung Healing Course. The course is for advanced students who want to become chi kung healers. To be a chi kung healer is like a father to his patients. Just practice what you will learn at the Intensive Chi Kung Course. In fact, just focus on the first day. The second day is for peak performance, and the third day is for spiritual development at the highest. My course ranges from a beginner's level to a master's level.

Question 4

From my understanding it seems Shaolin Qigong and Kungfu is way superior than Tai Chi and other martial arts. Too bad the Shaolin Temple in China never offer such a course.


Shaolin Kungfu is the greatest martial art in the world. You may read Why Shaolin Kungfu is the Greatest Martial Art for its justification.

Our patriarch was the last of real Shaolin monks famous for kungfu and chi kung. The Shaolin monk, the Venerable Jiang Nam, taught the Shaolin arts to my sigung (or teacher's teacher), Yang Fatt Kuen, and my sifu, Ho Fatt Nam (or teacher), taught it to me.

The Shaolin Monastery is now a tourist centre. There are no real Shaolin monks today. So-called Shaolin monks use kickboxing for combat.

Forceful Big Windmill

Forceful Big Windmill

Question 5

I am really looking forward to enrol in your intensive course. Do let me know the schedule so that I can place for that, hopefully after July as I am occupied till end of July.


I shall conduct two intensive chi kung courses in 2020, one from 6th to 10th April, and the other from 17th to 21st June.

If you are free after the end of July, you have to look out at my website. I only offer intensive chi kung courses about 3 times a year.

It is one of the best courses I offer. Please read The Unbelievable Intensive Chi Kung Course.

Editorial Note: This and other questions were asked in early 2020, but they are released now because of a long waiting list.

Question 6

Some time ago I asked if I could leave on Thursday evening at the Small Universe Course, as I might need to work on Friday. I made arrangements at work and I am very happy that I can now attend the graduation dinner as well. I work hard and my boss is very happy with my efforts, so I get the entire week off. And I can work harder now than when I was younger because you so generously share your arts!

— Sifu Roeland Dijkema, Shaolin Wahnam Netherlands


It is great that you can attend the graduation dinner. You can work harder now, and enjoy yourself wholesomely, as you are now healthier and stronger than you were before. Teaching is a noble profession.

Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong, picture taken from

Question 7

I read in your wonderful autobiography that you just did Pushing Mountains and later on Forceful Big Windmill to attain Cosmos Palm. Is standing still in Pushing Mountains or in the Horse Riding Stance which is your innovations? If I might ask, how long did it take you to acquire Cosmos Palm?


I just did Pushing Mountains and Forceful Big Windmill standing upright to obtain Cosmos Palm.

I am not sure whether I mentioned I sat at the Horse-Riding Stance. I am also not sure how long I had Cosmos Palm. I just did what my sifu told me -- i.e. doing Pushing Mountain and Forceful Big Windmill standing upright.

Cosmos Palm, or called Red Sand Palm in many other schools, is a very advanced art. There are many methods to acquire Red Sand Palm.

I remember that my second sifu, Sifu Chee Kim Thong, used to strike stones or small rocks without touching them. His hands were very gentle. I suppose he had Red Sand Palm or Cotton Palm (also called Red Sand Palm), though he never mentioned it.

Question 8

I imagine doing the Small Universe is maybe even faster, as the energy generated benefits other arts? At 2014 Healing Course you mentioned tongue diagnosis. For fun I looked at my tongue once in a while. I noticed that my tongue coating was sometimes slightly patchy, missing partly. Then it was back again after some time. It is always like this. Does this matter at all?


Pushing Mountain and Forceful Big Windmill are very good for training concentrated force, but Small Universe is very good for life. You are already very powerful with internal force. You will enhance life with Small Universe.

I can't remember the tongue diagnosis at the 2014 Healing Course. Don't worry unnecessarily. Enjoy yourself wholesomely. You have and will have good health, vitality, longevity, peak performance and spiritual joys.

Your training schedule is good. But guard against over-training. It took me one year to acquire benefits in my student's days when I was already well known in kungfu circles, what a typical Shaolin Wahnam students would take only one month.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them to Grandmaster Wong via his Secretary at stating your name, country and e-mail address.



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