One-Finger Shooting Zen

One-Finger Shooting Zen

Question 1

I have been focusing on the marvellous "One Finger Shooting Zen" for a while now. Recently, I have experienced a phenomenon I would like to ask you about.

— Dr Steffen, Germany


When practicing "One Finger Shooting Zen", you can feel vibrations. But after some time the vibrations may cease as you have become used to the vibrations. This is actually a more advanced stage.

Your mind becomes crystal clear, and you feel wonderful.

Question 2

One student is asking about a specific form for joins, specially knees.

— Sifu Kenya Araujo, Shaolin Wahnam Ecaudo


"Rotating Knees" and "Bear Walk" are excellent exercises. He can start with "Lifting the Sky" or "Carrying the Moon", and alternate the two exercises one at a time for about 10 minutes. That is, he performs "Lifting the Sky" or "Carrying the Moon" each for 5 minutes, and then "Rotating Knees" or "Bear Walk" for another 5 minutes, performing the two exercises one after the other.

He then has a chi flow for about 2 to 3 minutes, then completes the training session. He should have two training sessions, each about 12 minutes, twice a day, once in the morning and the other in the evening or at night.

He should practice the two sessions at about roughly 30% of his potential, i.e he takes 100% for what he achieved at my regional Intensive Chi Kung Course, but performs at about 30%. His 30% varies from time to time and from different persons. In other words, his 30% now may be his 200% two years later, i.e. two years later he still performs at 30% but he would have improved very much later as his skills become better. Now both of you can perform the same exercises, but your 30% is many times better than his because of different skill levels.

He should perform the two different exercises for about a month, after which he can perform any exercises he chooses. If he has not learnt from me at the regional Intensive Chi Kung Course, he should wait till you give a class. You should not give any class unless you have 20 paying students. This is very important or else students may just learn the external forms of the exercises, missing the essence.

He must realize that our chi kung is very powerful. Other students may have to practice for an hour, if they are lucky, to have similar effects. Most practitioners just practice gentle physical exercise, and they don't realize it. We must speak from the position of strength.



Question 3

Just met a friend who was diagnosed having arthritis of knee. Is there a chi kung exercise treatment for this ailment?

— Chew, Malaysia


Your friend has to wait until I give another Intensive Chi Kung Course. It is important to attend the course which will be announced in my website.

In chi kung, skills are more important than techniques. Techniques can be learned from a good book or from a good video, but skills have to be learned from a master. An analogy is Taijiquan. Today, most people practice Taiji dance, without internal force and without combat application.

Carry on with your practice of chi kung. At this time of world lockdown, it is a good prevention against any disease. It will also give you good health, vitality and longevity.

Question 4

I am currently taking anti-depressant and anti-psychotic drugs. I find that these drugs are highly effective.

— Bala, USA


I believe you don't have to take any pills, but do so gradually. Take one day off out of the seven days from your pills, then after some time two days. In this way you can eventually be free from pills. But you must continue to practice your chi kung and kungfu.

Your success can be due to your chi kung and kungfu practice, not due to your pills.


An old picture showing Grandmaster Wong transmitting chi to Trevor, a Taijiquan teacher in Australia

Question 5

My question this time is about daily training in "zen shooting finger" and my empty force training. I have not been able to put out a candle's flame behind glass yet, but sometimes I can cause it to sway behind glass. Why are weights easier to move than putting out the candle?

— Corwyn, USA


Weight are easier than putting a candle flame behind a glass because there is a physical barrier in the glass. Be careful that your weights do not impede your flow of energy.

Question 6

I've noticed that when I train every day in these 2 practices that I don't always have the same high level of force daily. I also realize that the daily training is recommended by many kungfu masters of old. Is this kind of training in empty force and Zen shooting finger the same principle as far as recovery of the body? If not, why so?


You don't have the same level of high force daily because every day is different. The main difference is the mind. However, if the added weights impede the flow of energy, you have to ensure that they do not impede the flow.

Kungfu masters in the past recommended training every day because of accumulative effect. If a practitioner does not train every day, he may not achieve what his training is aimed at, or in Cantonese Chinese it is referred to as "cheen kung chern fei" or "all his art is futile", which all practitioners avoid.

If you train "empty force", or force without touching, you should not be sick. Interestingly, recovery from an illness needs low level chi kung. Asking a sick person to practice high level chi kung is like asking him to lift heavy weights or run a marathon.


Claudio of Italy distinguishing a flame in a glass

Question 7

What is the difference in force or power between for instance the punch/strike of a professional western boxer vs someone who is skilled in shooting Zen finger and empty force? I also train the fist in striking at a distance.


The main difference is that Western boxers, especially beginners, use muscular strength, whereas kungfu practitioners, for those who are lucky to learn energy flow, use internal force. The mind however is very important. However, expert boxers have developed internal force without their conscious knowing.

Question 8

How would striking towards hanging weights impede energy flow? Even striking towards a candle without the glass barrier is more difficult than causing the hanging weights to sway when I strike towards it in empty space.


Striking hanging weights do not impede energy flow if you do not tense your muscles. But if you tense your muscles or start intellectualizing, you impede energy flow.

One of the reasons of energy flow is to clear blockage. Tensing muscles or intellectualizing cause blockage.

I don't actually know why striking hanging weights to cause them to sway is more difficult than striking a flame in empty space. I presume there are many factors.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them to Grandmaster Wong via his Secretary at stating your name, country and e-mail address.



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