As scholar-warriors, we ensure we are victorious before engaging in combat

Question 1

We won the final of "Britain's Best Family".

Concepts like Yin-Yang harmony, Scholar Warrior and the idea of placing your partner before your children were all featured in the show, helped us win and will potentially benefit many thousands, and maybe millions of people in the future.

— Robin, England


Congratulations for winning "Britain's Best Parents". It is no small achievement, considering that the media are the main channels for viewing, and millions of people see them every day.

Concepts like yin-yang harmony, scholar-warrior and the idea of placing your spouse before your children are very important. We must be successful not only in the outside world but also inside the family. We make sure we are victorious before engaging in any combat. And we place our spouse as first priority.

Question 2

I am interested in sets like Four Gates, Pakua, Dragon-Strength and Essence of Shaolin. In Introduction to Shaolin Kung Fu, you gave a detailed account of each pattern in the Dragon-Tiger Set. Do you intend to do so in future?

— Bala, India


As you do not have a Shaolin Wahnam instructor, I would suggest that you stick to the webpage at Video Lessons for Non-Shaolin Wahnam Members -- Overview and choose any one of the kungfu styles suggested. If you follow the webpages correctly, in one year you can use kungfu for sparring and have internal force. More importantly, you will have good health, vitality and longevity.

"Cross-Road at Four Gates" was the fundamental kungfu set practiced at the Shaolin Monastery during the time of the Venerable Jiang Nan, the patriarch of our lineage. "Shaolin Pakua Set" was the set that gave me my enlightenment in combat application. I can now look at any kungfu sets, including those that I have seen for the first time, and explain the combat application of all the patterns in the sets.

These kungfu sets -- Four Gates, Pakua, Dragon-Strength and Essence of Shaolin -- need to be learnt from a living instructor. There are too many intricacies to be explained here.

"Dragon Strength" and "Essence of Shaolin" are very advanced sets. You need to have many years of kungfu experience to benefit from them.

In "Introduction to Shaolin Kung Fu", I gave a detailed explanation of the combat application of the "Dragon-Tiger Set". I do not intend to do so for "Dragon Strength" and "Essence of Shaolin".

Dragon Strength

The Dragon Strength Set

Question 3

I was watching again a favourite movie scene of mine from the movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." I wanted to ask Sifu if this pattern is real, and if so may I ask the name?

— John, Ireland


"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" is a film I like very much, but I don't agree with the ending where the hero dies. The hero should live, as all good deeds are rewarded though we never think of the rewards.

The flying about from leaf to leaf is exaggerated. Qing-kung, or the Art of Lightness, is real, and I have heard that my sigung or your sitaigung could jump up a wall of about 10 feet.

Qing-kung is one of the two arts that we don't have in Shaolin Wahnam, the other being flying missiles. We have all the other arts, like breaking the bottom brick, and hitting without physical touch.

I believe that pattern you mentioned is real. In Shaolin Wahnam it is called "Pointing to the Earth". It is a deceiving pattern. If an opponent approaches, move to a side and slice the sword upward.

Question 4

I often day-dream that if I was rich, I would have a private courtyard like that to practice the sword in the moonlight at midnight in silence.


You will be rich if you teach Wudang Kungfu professionally and charge high fees. Meanwhile, complete your Ph.D, have a devoted wife, and raise a beautiful family. But remember that when you have become rich, you must be kind to other people.

I really didn't know where the money had been hiding all the while. I started with restoring the greatness and glory of kungfu, especially Shaolin Kungfu. I couldn't own a car and a house, but when I became quite rich, I could buy a house and a car each for all my children. I also gave money to needy people whom I don't know. Most importantly, I could give happiness and health to other people.

San Feng Wudang Set

John in the San Feng Wudang Kungfu Set

Question 5

Could we say that it is perception plus internal force which creates a happy existence?


You already have a lot of internal force. I was very generous; I share secrets with students. I myself took more than 20 years to have internal force, and more than 25 years before I could beat professional fighters and real masters.

I don't think internal force itself could create a happy existence. I believe a happy existence depends on our philosophy of life, though internal force could give good health, vitality and longevity. Many masters with internal force were not happy; they channelled much of their internal force for combat.

I was much inspired by Hoong Hei Khoon, regarded as the First Patriarch of Hoong Ka Kungfu though during his time he called it Shaolin Kungfu. He forbade his followers to look for the girl who killed him. He was much influenced by his wife, Fong Wing Choon, who was different from Yim Wing Choon, the founder of Wing Choon Kungfu.

Question 6

Sifu, what is the relationship between a right view, a proper perception of the phenomenal world and internal-force? If a person has a lot of internal force, can he detoxify his negative perception of the world?


I believe a right view, a proper perception of the phenomenal world and internal force are related. While we live in the phenomenal world, we make the best of what we have. Having a right view, which includes a philosophy of life, and internal force give us good health, vitality, longevity, peak performance and spiritual joys to make the best of our phenomenal world.

Whether a person with a lot of internal force can detoxify his negative perception of the world, depends on numerous factors. If he channels his internal force for his negative perception, he is unlikely to succeed. But for normal people, the more internal force they have, and if they have a good philosophy of life, the easier, though they may not consciously realize it, they can make their life happy.

Women's Rights

Women's Rights. Photo taken from

Question 7

Sifu, what do you think of protests? Are they really useful? Do you think there is a better way to change certain collective circumstances?

— Paz, Spain

Editorial Note:

Paz's questions can be found at October 2021 Part 1.


I think protests are necessary, though there are sometimes unuseful protests and some protests may bring negative results. "Women's rights", "animals' rights" and "better working conditions", the examples you gave, are some examples.

But sometimes they might be over-done, and result in negative reactions. Women's rights, for example, have gone to the extreme; some people in the West are afraid to get married -- and I speak from living examples. It is therefore a blessing to have a boyfriend or a husband who loves her.

A good way to change collective circumstances is to have a "philosophical king" or someone who is in power and thinks of his (or her) people. But many people in power think of themselves.

Question 8

When there is some important issue in our lives and we ask for advice from celestial beings, bodhisattvas, buddhas or the universe, how can we identify that the answers really come from them and not from imposters?


When we ask for celestial help we can identify the advice comes from the divine if divine beings have helped us all the time, or at least most of the time.

We in Shaolin Wahnam are lucky. We have been guided and helped from divine beings like Bodhisattva Guan Yin, Immortal Li and other divine beings.

A good way is to find out whether if we follow the advice, it will bring us benefits. But we must be careful that the benefits are lasting, and not just temporary to tempt believers.

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