JUNE 2022 PART 3

Intensive Chi Kung Course

Intensive Chi Kung Course

Question 1

Excellent book on "Chi Kung for Health and Vitality". Question: I have tinus in both ears. In your book chapter 16 pg 157, you taught a girl to channel her chi to her ear drum to heal her ears. There is no info in this book how to do that, or I might have overlooked it.

— Name and Country Not Mentioned


It is worthwhile to mention that skills and not techniques are the onus of any chi kung. A good example is Taijiquan, written as "Tai Chi Chuan" in English. Many people practice what they think is Taijiquan, and they have no internal force and cannot apply Taijiquan for combat. This is what we call external Taiji form, or Taiji dance.

I suggest you attend an Intensive Chi Kung Course. One cannot learn chi kung or Taijiquan from books or videos if he has no chi kung or Taijiquan experience. It is also recommended that you learn in my Intensive Chi Kung Course how to "enter into a chi kung state of mind" and how to "generate energy flow", or "chi flow", which you may not learn elsewhere. If you cannot learn these on the first day, you don't have to pay any training fee.

You can get much information from my website. You did not state from where you come from. It is unlikely that you would be chosen as a Shaolin Wahnam instructor.

Question 2

There is a child in my daughter's class who has multiple sensory issues such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), issues with his eyes (peripheral vision) and many other issues. He is fine one minute and the next breaks out in tantrum hitting and kicking other students, etc. The child is 4 years old.

— Ami, USA


Practicing chi kung daily is a very good prevention against any disease. It also gives us good health, vitality and longevity.

You can have the child in a chi kung healing course. You must charge him a lot of money, say, USD 100 dollars a day. Her mother should pay for every day, say for a week. She should pay first. It is satisfaction-guarantee. If he does not recover, you should return the money without any question.

You can teach him just "Lifting the Sky". He should practice for about 10 times, then have a chi flow. It is important to have a chi flow. The next day, teach him "Carrying the Moon" and then have a chi flow. Gradually, teach him other exercises -- one at a time -- from the Eighteen Lohan Hands.

Once awhile, about twice a week, the boy may have self-manifested chi movement. He can have a set of 3 exercises, such as "Lifting Sky Pushing Mountain", "Double Dragons" and "Fish Flip" for forward-backward chi flow. Then he can have a set of 3 exercises, such as "Dancing Fairy", "Swinging Hips" and "Bear Walk" for circular movement.

He should use form to generate a chi flow. He practices for about 10 minutes a session, but goes faster and faster.

Gradually, he makes some noise. He should be alright after a month.

Carrying the Moon

"Carrying the Moon"

Question 3

Thank you for assisting me through this process and getting me to where I am today. I have been so busy planning the future that what is happening to me currently right now is teaching me to truly let go and surrender to rather than trying to fight it.

— Parveen, England


Practicing "Lifting the Sky" or "Carrying the Moon" in a gentle way twice or thrice a day is what you need at present.

Once or twice a week you can add self-manifested chi movement in a set, but you must also practice for about 5 minutes a session, working faster and faster. You will be alright soon.

Our chi kung is very powerful, though it is very gentle. What you need now is "low" level chi kung, which is very "high" level to other people not in our school. Get back to good health first, then think of others.

Question 4

I was doing one finger shooting zen every morning and I would feel so hot like I was burning inside irrespective of the weather outside.


"One-Finger Shooting Zen" is not suitable for you at present. You can resume it when you are well.

Dancing Fairy

"Dancing Fairy" of 18 Jewels

Question 5

My healing skills have got very strong, I can feel someone's sickness just by looking at them.

Sifu, do you think I should stop using my healing gifts completely and not heal others? It seems every time I start I seem to get sick or can I learn to manage my healing skills to stop this happening?

My ankle and my big toe never fully healed. I was guided to open some points in my inner ankle and I saw a spirit trapped in my foot.


Right now you need not use your healing gifts to heal others. Rest and be healthy first. Use them only when you are very well.

Your ankle and big toe will be healed and the spirit trapped in your foot will be released. You don't have to do anything extra.

Our chi kung is actually very powerful, though we use it for healing. This will generate the least energy, such as 18 Jewels, Five-Animal Play and 18 Lohan Hands. Chi flow is very important.

Right now, you should rest. Use your chi kung for healing when you are ready. You need to be very healthy when you perform healing.

Question 6

Joel and I had to do Guan Yin prayers, and Chun Nga helped me. A miracle occurred and I could begin to rotate my ankle, it felt free and there was no pain.


Guan Yin Bodh Satt and other divine beings always help us. Chun Nga is a lovely person. Miracles happen to us often, but we are so used to miracles that they become quite common.

You can continue your kungfu, as well as your chi kung practice, when you are well. At present you need not practice your kungfu; you only practice your chi kung.

You practice for about 10 minutes a session, two or three sessions a day. Remember that what is "low" level to us, is actually very "high" level to other people not in our school.

You can also perfrom "Rocking Boat" to help strengthen the ankle.

When you are well, your kungfu and chi kung practice is about 30 minutes to an hour. You have to gradually increase your time of practice. You can practice your chi kung first, then your kungfu, or you can practice your kungfu first, then your chi kung, or most probably you mix them together.

You need not worry whether it is yang overpowering yin or yin overpowering yang; you just practice your kungfu and chi kung.

Joel will also practice his kungfu and chi kung in whatever ways he likes. He can practice now as he is well.

Penang, Malaysia

Penang, from the webpoage

Question 7

Joel and I have been able to have the most incredible experiences going to Malaysia and learning from you the most precious arts, but worrying about money sometimes takes this away.

I know it is important to have a family and Joel and I can't wait for me to be pregnant and have a baby.


I don't know when I shall have courses in Malaysia, but it will be soon. Malaysia is a lovely place. We shall meet again.

You need to be concerned about money, as it makes life comfortable. You should also have a family. Remember the exercise I told you when you are pregnant.

To be grateful is a sure sign of a good philosophy of life. We should be grateful to all paramedics and emergency staff as they are very important in life.

While we believe in genuine chi kung healing, Western pharmaceutical companies and Western trained doctors are very important. I sincerely believe that Western pharmaceutical companies and Western trained doctors will be tremendously wealthy financially and spiritually if they coat with sugar pharmaceutical pills instead of training genuine chi kung, as most "chi kung" practitioners practice gentle, physical exercise with nothing internal. Genuine chi kung is internal, with mind training and energy training.

Question 8

I hear cries in the universe and my heart pours out with compassion and light unintentionally.


When you are healthy, you will become a great chi kung healer. But you have to be healthy first, thus you have to rest and gradually perform your chi kung the ways I have mentioned.

A chi kung healer has the heart of a parent. He (or she) will take the same medicine he prescribes to his patients. You must show compassion to yourself and love yourself fully as well as others.

Question 9

We are in winter. For so long I have wanted to move to a more tropical climate and finally Joel is open to moving to Penang, Malaysia. I can see our children so happy in school there and we can experience life fully and travel to nearby countries and experience all the wonderful cultural food delights which spark so much joy for both Joel and myself. I see us in a tropical garden surrounded by sea and mountains which looks just like Penang living in a Malaysian style wooden house.


Winter can be beautiful. In fact all sessions are beautiful. When winter comes, spring is just behind.

We are all in a garden surrounded by sea and mountains which look just like Penang.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them to Grandmaster Wong via his Secretary at stating your name, country and e-mail address.



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