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Four Fingers Towards Sky

"Four Fingers Towards Sky" from Tiger-Crane Set

Question 1

In one incident, you sparred with an old classmate when you visited your classmates. He sparred with you whilst smoking. You used "Four Fingers Towards Sky" to take his cigarette away whilst deflecting his attacks! Might I ask what the most important consideration is in achieving this level of sparring? Is it speed and mental clarity?

— Sifu Roeland Dijkema, Shaolin Wahnam Netherlands


When I sparred with an old classmate I took his cigarette away. I remember he was "Ah Hai" who was an assistant instructor at Chin Wah Hoong Kungfu Gymnasium in Penang, Malaysia.

I used "Four Fingers Towards Sky" because it was a pattern in the 36-Pattern Tiger-Crane Set of the school. I could have used a tiger claw or a dragon hand.

The most important consideration in achieving this level of sparring is practice, especially combat sequences. I would add that the practice must be smart. Speed is an important consideration. I had to be careful that his cigarette did not burn my hand.

I believe that many martial art practitioners today neglect mental clarity. If one's mind is not clear, he may not see his opponent's movements, and thus would not know what techniques to use.

Question 2

In many of your friendly sparring sessions I read that you used a Tiger Claw technique to subdue someone. Was that because a Tiger Claw can be used relatively more compassionately to subdue someone than other techniques? Or because you were more a tiger when you were younger?


I often use tiger claw techniques to subdue my opponents. I was a tiger specialist, but now I am more of a dragon.

Using tiger techniques is not necessarily compassionate. The main aims of a tiger specialist is chin-na (or gripping vital points), which is one of the three ultimates of Shaolin, the other two are dim mark (or dotting vital points) and internal arts. The main aspects of chin-na are tearing tendons, wronging joints and gripping vital points.

Like all other Shaolin Wahnam members, I am compassionate. When I sparred with opponents, I usually subdued them with chin-na (or "qin-na" in Romanized Chinese), stopping just a few inches in front of their faces.

Reaching for the Sky

"Reaching for the Sky" from the set of Sinew Metamorphosis

Question 3

I have read that when you learned Consistent Lifting Practice, you used techniques similar to "Lohan Reaches For The Sky". Consistent Lifting Practice leads to Thirteen Grand Guards. You mentioned that Golden Bell is better, which you can achieve among others by doing Golden Bridge. Is that because of the techniques used? If I may ask, what does the name "Thirteen Grand Guards" refer to?


"Thirteen Grand Guards" is like "Iron Shirt". "Golden Bell" is better. Sifu Chow Kok Chee told me that if not for "Thirteen Grand Guards", an opponent in an ambush might chop him into two pieces with a scimitar or a "parang".

The art to train "Thirteen Grand Guards" is "Consistent Lifting Practice". Sifu Chow Kok Chee showed me some exercises which involved lifting the hands up, like "Lohan Reaches for Sky" of our "Sinew Metamorphosis". This is a secretive art normally not shown to ordinary people. But I was his childhood friend. Moreover, we exchanged some arts.

I remember that a master, who was about the same hierarchy as Sifu Chow Kok Chee, charged a lot of money teaching kungfu. "Consistent Lifting Practice" was part of his teaching.

Techniques are still very important. If you use chin-na to subdue an opponent, you still need techniques, like combat sequences to press in and covering yourself to prevent him from countering.

I also remember Sifu Chow Kok Chee told me that when his sifu taught him "Consistent Lifting Practice", he would hold $50 notes, which was a lot of money then, in his fingers. If Sifu Chow Kok Chee dropped the $50 notes, they would belong to his sifu.

I did not learn "Consistent Lifting Practice" from Sifu Chow Kok Chee. I already had Golden Bell at that time.

Question 4

Since women don't emit semen, does that mean women have more internal force than men?

— Bala, India


Since women don't emit semen, it does not mean that women have more internal force than men.

The power of men and women is due to internal force in kungfu. It may be difficult for people to understand the big difference between internal force and brute strength. Internal force contributes not only to martial arts, sports and games, but also to our daily living.

Internal force is a function of energy flow, and not tensing muscles. The nun Ng Mui, the eldest of the Shaolin Elders, was more powerful than Pak Mei, the second of the Shaolin Elders. Even Pak Mei, who was a kungfu genuine, was afraid to fight with Ng Mui.

Pak Mei

Pak Mei

Question 5

I read somewhere that the Buddha recommends eating one meal a day before noon and fasting till the next day morning. What is your opinion on this?

The prophet Muhammad also recommends fasting as it diminishes sexual desire. I think it is an excellent way to prevent wet dreams and loss of semen.


I am not sure about the Buddha advocating eating one meal a day, but in my opinion, as eating is my hobby and I have enjoyed some of the best food of the world, I don't agree to His opinion.

I am not sure about diminishing sexual desires, wet dreams and loss of semen.

Question 6

Is it possible to develop internal force just by practicing celibacy or is it necessary to do some additional exercises?


It is not possible to develop internal force by practicing celibacy. It is necessary to practice internal force development exercise.

The most important factor is to be relaxed and focused at the same time. It is entering into a higher state of consciousness. It is something most people are unaware of.

The very fact that people stand at a V position with their toes pointing out puts some stress onto their legs. They are so accustomed to it that they do not realize it. Most people are stressful and distracted at the same time.

Iron Wire

A class practicing the Iron Wire set

Question 7

It has been many years since I practiced the skill of expanding into the Cosmos. The courses I remember attending where we expanded into the Cosmos have been Iron Wire in Las Vegas, Small/Big Universe course in Toronto, Dragon Strength in Penang and Cosmos Palm in New Hampshire.

— Stephen, USA


The Iron Wire course in Las Vegas was one of my best. Iron Wire is probably the most powerful kungfu set in all kungfu, and only kungfu develops internal force. All other martial arts, like Karate, Taekwondo and Western Boxing, do not develop internal force but use strength. Besides excellent for martial arts, sports and games, internal force contributes to daily living.

The Small and Big Universe course in Toronto is excellent. Many people would want to have the Small Universe, but we had the Small and Big Universe in one course. At first I was reluctant to teach the Small Universe because it takes a long time, and I can be at any one place for a short time.

Many masters and philosophers would want the Small Universe, and they would give a celebration after attaining it. Attaining the Small Universe, not just knowing the outward techniques, would take about 10 years. But later, as we have greatly improved my teaching methodology, I offer the Small and Big Universe in one course of a few days. It is unbelievable but true.

Practitioners to the course must have practiced chi kung for some time and have developed a ball of energy in their dan tian, as I do not want to teach just the external techniques of the Small and Big Universe. Participants can learn the external forms of the exercises of the Small Universe and the Big Universe from good videos.

The Dragon Strength course in Penang and the Cosmos Palm course in New Hampshire are two of a few courses I only taught once. Shaolin Wahnam students who missed them just missed them.

As you know well the Dragon Strength kungfu set is my favourite, and I have spent much time in its development. I remember that when I first demonstrated the set at the University of Science in Penang, Malaysia I caused quite a stir. I was so fast in my movements that most people did not see the movments.

The Cosmos Palm course in New Hampshire was very special. Cosmos Palm is a highly secretive art. The hands of Cosmos Palm master are red in colour and very gentle but tremendously powerful.

Question 8

Is the Cosmos "the Self"? Is expanding into the Cosmos similar to what the Yogis called Samadhi?


I do not know what you meant by "the Self" but it is not important as the answer is the same. The Cosmos is actually an undifferentiated spread of energy, but we see the phenomenal world differentiated into countless different things and beings.

Your visualization of stars and planets might have prevented my transmission from heart to heart. It is important that expanding into the Cosmos must be done with a master who can bring you back to the phenomenal world, but as you had a wonderful experience of your spirit truly becoming free and expanded, and it was incredibly blissful and beautiful, the advice might not apply to you. Thinking of the dan tian is an effective way to come back to our phenomenal world.

Question 9

I felt like I couldn't come back. Is this a legitimate fear, or is thinking of the Dan Tian a foolproof way of coming back to the phenomenal realm?


Expanding into the Cosmos is what the Yogis called Samadhi. There are many levels of Samadhi. At a low level you feel very joyful. At a high level the Cosmos is undifferentiated and you feel tremendously blissful.

If you do not come back, you may remain in the Cosmos where everything is undifferentiated. Other people who are in the phenomenal world may still see you as a differentiated individual.

But we live in the phenomenal world, and we make the best of our phenomenal world. We are healthy, full of vitality, enjoy longevity, peak performance and spiritual joys irrespective of religion. Every day is joyful.

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