Internal Force

This picture, culled from a video clip, shows women able to spar with men who are physically stronger and bigger in size. This is because of the internal force the women have developed. The heartening news is that these women are relative beginners! They are wives of corporate presidents taking part in a VIP Taijiquan course with their husbands.

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"Internal force is an essential part of genuine, traditional Taijiquan."

-- Sifu Robin Gamble

Robin Gamble Sifu Robin Gamble
Instructor, Shaolin Wahnam England
22nd June 2006

What is genuine, traditional Taijiquan?

Hello Yeniseri,

Before I post the conclusion to my series of posts I would like to thank you for contributions to this debate.

They have sparked many valuable contributions from my Sifu (indirectly), my Sihengs Anthony and Andrew and also some very good explanations from Kevin, though I am unsure as to whether you have taken them on board.

Earlier you said,

Originally Posted by Yeniseri:
"All your points are excellent but I have never been graceful in any encounter and hope I will never be when confronted with street thugs because that is their modus operandi."

I am sorry to hear you have "never been graceful in any encounter" as this is actually a hallmark of 'Internal Kung-fu' particularly Wahnam Taijiquan. It is also interesting to note that this does not just apply to combat, but to all aspects of life and is just one of the many benefits of practicing genuine,traditional Taijiquan. I am not talking fancifully but from actual experience.

Also you said,

Originally Posted by Yeniseri:
"All striking is physical. I rarely use a fist because my hands are too soft but is my palm strike efficient? I have no idea."

Only if you have no concept (or experience) of internal force is this true.

Internal force is an essential part of genuine, traditional Taijiquan.

I honestly hope that you will read the next and concluding post with an open heart and mind, as I believe there is much to benefit from doing so.

What is Genuine, Traditional Taijiquan?


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