Flower Set

Grandmaster Wong demonstrates how a Flower Set exponent gets to the back or a side of an opponent as the opponent attakcs

The Flower Set is one of the famous kungfu sets from the Shaolin Monastery. It was a specialty of the famous Shaolin nun, Ng Mui, and one of the eight kungfu knights, Kam Foong Chi.

  1. Shaolin Greeting
  2. Double Worshiping of the Buddha
  3. Opening Doors Part 1
  4. Force Training and Waist Rotation
  5. Opening Doors Part 2
  6. Flowing Force Part 1
  7. Flowing Force Part 2
  8. Swimming Dragon Part 1
  9. Lift Pot Offers Wine Part 1
  10. Golden Leopard Enters Rock Part 1

  11. Continuous Double Jump
  12. Flowing Energy
  13. Consolidating Force
  14. Flow and Force
  15. Closing an Opponent Adequately
  16. Deflecting, Not Blocking
  17. Swimming Dragon Part 2
  18. Shifting Steps
  19. Hang a Golden Star
  20. Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain

  21. Beware of Kicks
  22. Strike Kicking Leg
  23. Big Boss Offers Wine
  24. Lift Pot Offers Wine Part 2
  25. Golden Leopard Enter Rock Part 2
  26. Rising Dragon Galloping Tiger
  27. Reverse Chin-Na
  28. Sweeping Kick
  29. On Ground Strike Tiger
  30. Jabs and Crosses

  31. Keeping Boxers at Bay
  32. Upper Cuts
  33. Against Hooks
  34. Close and Strike
  35. Break Fall
  36. Felling a Boxer
  37. Felling Techniques
  38. Avoid Kicks
  39. Class Practice
  40. Angry Bull Charges at Fence

Videos 1-10 can be viewed here
Videos 11-20 can be viewed here
Videos 21-30 can be viewed here
Videos 31-40 can be viewed here


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