13-technique Spear

"Cheong", or Spear, is one of the deadliness of the 13-Technique Spear

There are two types of spears -- metal spears and flower spears, or hard spears and soft spears.

Metal spears are hard and made of metals, including the shaft. As they are quite heavy, they are held with both hands a short distance from the end of the shaft, or in kungfu terminolgy the head of the shaft. The main technique is thrusting, with both hands moving forward together, without one hand slicing towards the other hand.

Flower spears are soft, and while the spearhead is made of metal, the shaft is made of cane or soft wood. As they are light, they are held with both hands near the end of the shaft, or in kungfu terminology the head of the shaft. The main technique is piercing, with the supportive hand in front and the main hand slicing towards the supportive hand.

The 13-Technique Spear belongs to the flower spears. It probably originated from the metal spears which were used on horseback fighting.

I learned the 13-Technique Spear from my sisook, Crazy Pooi, who learned it elsewhere.

The thirteen techniques of the spear set are:

  1. "huein" or circle
  2. "cheong" or spear
  3. "sou" or sweep
  4. "thiew" or flick
  5. "yew" or wave
  6. "phut" or brush
  7. "ka" or lift
  8. "ha ma" or ground
  9. "hui ma" or return-horse
  10. "chak shun" or sideways
  11. "phei shun" or slanting
  12. "pai tau" or shake head
  13. "khuen fa" or make flowers

Wong Kiew Kit
26th December 2018


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