Shaolin Flower Set

The amazing "Double Worshipping of the Buddha" in internal force training

The Shaolin Flower Set was the specialty of two of the five Shaolin Elders, namely Ng Mui and Miew Hein. Another great Shaolin master, Kam Fong Chi, who was a contemporary of Lu Sei Leong, believed to be Ng Mui herself before she became a num after single-handedly fought through layers and layers of imperial guards to assassinate Emperor Yong Cheng, was an expert of the Flower Set too.

Foong Sai Yoke, one of the ten top disciples of Chee Seen, the First Patriarch of Southern Shaolin Kungfu, and Yim Wing Choon, the founder of Wing Choon Kungfu, were also experts of the Flower Set. It was likely that Yim Wing Choon evolved her Wing Choon Kungfu from the Flower Set.

The Flower Set was described and explained in the Classic of Shaolin Kungfu, comprising of 40 volumes and compiled by the Venerable Fu Ju in the year 901 during the Song Dynasty. Shaolin Wahnam members are very lucky that Grandmaster Wong has a copy of this Classic of Shaolin Kungfu. Grandmaster Wong explains that due to its long history, the Flower Set described in this Classic was different from the versions found in many kungfu schools today and also different from the one we practice in Shaolin Wahnam.

Grandmaster Wong learned two versions of the flower Set, one from his Southern Shaolin teacher, Uncle Righteousness, and the other from his Wing Choon teacher, Sifu Choe Hoong Choy. Uncle Righteousness' version was derived from Chee Seen, and the Wing Choon version was derived from Ng Mui. For the benefit of Shaolin Wahnam members, Grandmaster Wong combined the two versions into one, using the "structure" of Uncle righteousness' version, and the "application" of the Wing Choon version.

The essence of the Flower Set is summed up in the "poetic formula" as follows

Miat yi mui fa thuei thuei hoi
Kap foong po yu khun wan loi

Literally the poetic formula means:

Blossoming like plum flowers in full gear
Swift wind rain storm clouds flowing here

Obviously, those who have not received the transmission of these secrets from a master would not know what the poetic formula is hiding in the open.

Two special features of the Flower Set are the "flower hand" and the "organ-seeking kick". There were also features that Ng Mui, Miew Hein and Fong Sai Foke were famous for. Another special feagture of the Flower Set, which many practitioners themselves may not know but which Ng Mui was an expert, is Dim Mark or dotting vital points. The internal force method in the Flower Set, especially using "Double Worshipping of the Buddha" is simply amazing.

The Flower Set we practice in Shaolin Wahnam is divided into two sections, "ta chong" or force training on stance, and "ta sei moon" or combat sequences in four directions. The first time Grandmaster Wong revealed the secrets of the Flower Set was at the Winter Camp of 2010 in Finland.

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Shaolin Flower Set

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