Grandmaster Wong demonstrated the Green Dragon Crescent Moon Guan Dao

"Guan Dao" means "Gaun Knife". It is a big knife, or a bladed weapon, attached to a long shaft. Guan Yun Chang, also called Guan Yu, was a warrior in the Three Kingdom Perid from 220 to 280 CE. He was honoured as a Sage of Martial Arts, and worshipped as a God of War. There is a dragon embossed on the blade, and the blade looks like a cresent moon, hence it is called Green Dragon Cresent Moon Guan Dao.

Guan Dao is a long, heavy weapon. It could cut through the amour of knights on horseback. It is a common mistake to hold the long, heavy weapon near or at the blade, often seen in demostrations on videos in the internet. This would neutralize the advantage of length or weight.

There is a heavy knob at the end of the shaft on the other side of the blade. This is to balance the weight of the blade. There is a red tassel at the blade. It is called "chui foong" in Chinese (Cantonee), which means "flowing breeze". Its purpose is to know which side of the blade is sharp, especially at night, and to prevent blood from splashing back after damaging an opponent.

The guan-dao set in the video is a famous set from Southern Shaolin. Grandmaster Wong learned the set from his siheng (or elder kungfu brother) in Uncle Righteousness' lineage. Stable stances, especially the Horse-Riding Stance, are needed for its performance. Wong Kiew Kit
26th December 2018


Green Dragon Cresecent Moon Guan Dao -- Video
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