Traveling Dragon Sword

Grandmaster Wong performed a seemingly flowery pattern, but actually this technique is effective for combat

A Chinese sword is a short, light weapon, and is pointed and sharp on both edges. Its main techniques are thrusting and slashing.

It is a common mistake to use a sabre like a sword. While a sabre is single-edged with much arm movement and is frequently circled round the exponent's head, a sword is double-edged, employes mainly wrist movement and is never circled round the exponent's head. The tassel of a sword is important; if arm movement is ever used, it will entangle the wrist of the exponent.

It needs much agility and great skills to perform a Chinese sword well. A sword never clashes with an opponent's weapon as the opponent's weapon, especially a heavy one, can break the sword into pieces.

There is a colloqual kungfu saying that "in a sabre performance, one watches the performer's hand; in a sword performance, one watches the performer's running." It means that a sabre performer frequently circles his sabre round his head. If his hand is outside the sabre, the sabre can cut his hand. In a sword performer, one watches the agility of the performer.

Wong Kiew Kit
26th December 2018


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