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Shaolin Traveling Dragon Sword

Grandmaster Wong demonstrating a pattern called “Breeze Sways Floating Green” from the Shaolin Traveling Dragon Sword Set

The "Shaolin Traveling Dragon Sword" is as beautiful to watch as it is deadly effective for combat. The names of the patterns are also very poetic, like "Breeze Sways Floating Green", "Separate Mist to Find Silence" and "Dry Dews on Lotus Platform".

The uninitiated may have much difficulty finding out how the patterns can be applied for fighting, or how a dainty sword could be used against a big, long or heavy weapon. You may like to have some fun trying to figure out these answers for yourselves.

The names of the patterns in Chinese pronunciation and Chinese characters are provided below.

Video of Sword Set by Sifu Leonard Lackinger

Shaolin Traveling Dragon Sword
Sequence 1

“Shaolin “Shaolin
1 Green Dragon Appears
2 Conceal Dragon in Bosom

“Shaolin “Shaolin
3 Immortal Points the Way
4 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl

“Shaolin “Shaolin
5 Kneel Down Offer Joss Stick
6 Golden Needle Points South

Sequence 2

“Shaolin “Shaolin
7 Han Emperor Chops Snake
8 Separate Grass to Search Snake

“Shaolin “Shaolin
9 Sweep Path Search Plums
10 Swallow Flies Through Clouds

“Shaolin “Shaolin
11 Monstrous Dragon Enters Sea
12 Green Dragon Turns Body

Sequence 3

“Shaolin “Shaolin
13 Golden Boy Offers Joss Stick
14 Breeze Sways Floating Green

“Shaolin “Shaolin
15 Han Emperor Chops Snake
16 Reverse Hanging of Purple Bell

“Shaolin “Shaolin
17 Jade Girl Plucks Flower
18 Separate Clouds to Search for Silence

“Shaolin “Shaolin
19 King Ngo Assassinates Chin Emperor
20 Golden Beam Supports Sea

“Shaolin “Shaolin
21 White Crane Flaps Wings
22 Return Head Shoots Venom

Sequence 4

“Shaolin “Shaolin
23 Chop the Hua Mountain
24 Green Dragon Returns Head

“Shaolin “Shaolin
25 Pigeon Turns Body
26 Dark Phoenix Looks at Sun

“Shaolin “Shaolin
27 Slant Body Pierce Tiger
28 Whirlwind Slices Neck

“Shaolin “Shaolin
29 Jade Girl Presents Tangerines
30 Green Dragon Starts Dancing

Sequence 5

“Shaolin “Shaolin
31 Golden Snake Lying on Ground
32 Golden Cockerel Stands Solitarily

“Shaolin “Shaolin
33 Dragonfly Dots Water
34 Han Emperor Chops Snake

“Shaolin “Shaolin
35 Point to Star Look at Moon
36 Green Dragon Emerges from Sea

“Shaolin “Shaolin
37 Green Dragon Dots Water
38 Su Chun Carries Sword

Sequence 6

“Shaolin “Shaolin
39 Open Rock to Search for Gold
40 Winter Chicken goes up Valley

“Shaolin “Shaolin
41 Jade Girl Holds Pot
42 Jade Girl Threads Shuttle

“Shaolin “Shaolin
43 Immortal Draws Talismans
44 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl

Sequence 7

“Shaolin “Shaolin
45 Green Dragon Starts Dancing
46-1 Colourful Swallow Double Flying Kicks

“Shaolin “Shaolin
46-2 Colourful Swallow Double Flying Kicks
47 Carry Moon in Bosom

“Shaolin “Shaolin
48-1 Green Dragon Carries Pearl.
48-2 Green Dragon Carries Pearl.

“Shaolin “Shaolin
49 Night Guard Tests Sea
50 Wild Horse Separates Mane

Sequence 8

“Shaolin “Shaolin
51 Flying Over Across Stream
52 Green Dragon Turns Body

“Shaolin “Shaolin
53 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
54 Receive Wind Wave Fan

“Shaolin “Shaolin
55 Dark Dragon Wags Tail
56-1 Flying Phoenix Dancing Dragon

“Shaolin “Shaolin
56-2 Flying Phoenix Dancing Dragon
57 Golden Boy Presents Beneficence

“Shaolin “Shaolin
58 Dry Mist on Lotus Platform
59-1 Whirlwind Sweeps Leaves

“Shaolin “Shaolin
59-2 Whirlwind Sweeps Leaves
60 Spiritual Dragon Rushes Towards Heaven

Sequence 9

“Shaolin “Shaolin
61 Green Dragon Returns Head
62 Golden Dragon Throws Tongue

“Shaolin “Shaolin
63 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
64 Little Swallow Pierces through Clouds

“Shaolin “Shaolin
65 Green Dragon Washes Claws
66-1 Dancing in the Whirlwind

Sequence 10

“Shaolin “Shaolin
66-2 Dancing in the Whirlwind
67 Dark Phoenix Looks at Sun

“Shaolin “Shaolin
68 Monstrous Dragon Circles Pillar
69 Level Sand Descends Drake

“Shaolin “Shaolin
70 Spiritual Monkey Presents Fruit
71 Breeze Sways Floating Green

“Shaolin “Shaolin
72 Separate Mist to Find Silence
73 Phoenix Dots Head

Sequence 11

“Shaolin “Shaolin
74-1 Green Dragon Plays with Water
74-2 Green Dragon Plays with Water

“Shaolin “Shaolin
75-1 Jade Belt Circles Waist
75-2 Jade Belt Circles Waist

“Shaolin “Shaolin
76-1 Fisherman Casts Net
76-2 Fisherman Casts Net

“Shaolin “Shaolin
77 White Dragon Looks at Sun
78 Dark Phoenix Spreads Wings

Sequence 12

“Shaolin “Shaolin
79 Hungry Dragon Rushes at Moon
80 Separate Clouds to See Sun

“Shaolin “Shaolin
81 Green Dragon Drops Dews
82 Green Dragon Spreads Tail

“Shaolin “Shaolin
83-1 Green Dragon Rolls Sky
83-2 Green Dragon Rolls Sky

“Shaolin “Shaolin
84 Cold Shine Rushes through Heaven
85-1 Traveling Dragon Rolls Clouds

“Shaolin “Shaolin
85-2 Traveling Dragon Rolls Clouds
86 Heaven Dragon Drops Water

“Shaolin “Shaolin
87-1 Green Dragon Appears
87-2 Green Dragon Appears

“Shaolin “Shaolin
88 Dragon Returns to Watery Cave
89 Flowing Breeze Swaying Willows

Names of Patterns, Chinese (Cantonese) Pronunciation and Chinese Characters


The names of the patterns, the Chinese (Cantonese) pronunciation and the Chinese characters are provided by Sifu Michael Chow of Shaolin Wahnam Canada, with the help of Sifu Zhang Wuji of Shaolin Wahnam Singapore. We wish to thank Sifu Michael Chow and Zhang Wuji for their splendid effort.

Grandmaster Wong teaching the Sword Set


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