Shaolin Through-Cloud IUmbrella

Grandmaster Wong demonstrated a pattern called "Swallow Flies through Clouds" from the Shaolin Through-Cloud Umbrella

The umbrella is a useful weapon, and is often carried by ladies for rain, shine and sometimes for decoration.

It is a common mistake to use the body of the umbrella for hitting. The buffer of the cloth and folded ribs of the umbrella make hitting not effective.

The main technique of the umbrella is for piercing, like a sword. For hitting it should be held in a reverse manner with the hard handle. Hitting the head, collar bones, arms and legs of an oppoent with its hard handle is effective.

The umbrella is also useful for deflecting an opponent's weapon attack. It should be used in a deflecting manner, and not as a block. When the umbrella is open, especially when it is rotating rapidly, it can be used a deflecting shield or as a means to confuse an opponent.

Wong Kiew Kit
29th December 2018


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