Traveling Dragon Thirteen-Technique Spear 2006 from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

Please click on the picture above to view the video on this page, or click on the caption to view the video at Vimeo.

This spear set was taught by Grandmaster Wong during a 5-day Intensive Weapon Course in June 2006 in Sungai Petani. Six other weapons were also taught at the course. The 13 techniques of the spear are as follows:

  1. “huein” or circle
  2. “cheong” or spear
  3. “sou” or sweep
  4. “thiew” or flick
  5. “yew” or wave
  6. “phut” or brush
  7. “ka” or lift
  8. “ha ma” or ground
  9. “hui ma” or return-horse
  10. “chak shun” or sideways
  11. “phei shun” or slanting
  12. “pai tau” or shake head
  13. “khuen fa” or make flowers


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