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Tantui is a marvelous set. Tantui, which means “Spring Kick”, is a whole system by itself, and is crystallized into just 12 sequences. It is the essence of Northern Shaolin, and is popularly practiced all over the world. It was the style of kungfu many masters used to defeat challengers from various countries who came to China to test its combat efficiency.

However, Tantui practitioners today practice only its outward form for demonstration, degrading a wonderful art into flowery fist and embroidery kick. Force training and combat application, the two pillars of all kungfu training in the past, are usually not taught. The Magic of Shaolin Tantui course to be taught in Toronto on 22nd, 23rd, 24th April 2014 aims to remedy this setback.

There are some rare videos on Youtube showing sparring sets of Tantui, but these vodeos are meant for demonstration rather than combat training. Can you tell why this is so? One indication is the spacing. The opponent, for example, would not be hit even if he had done nothing. Can you find out other indications?

Learning the combat application of Tantui is not easy even with videos. But the videos will make the learning less difficult.

If you are attending the Magic of Shaolin Tantui course, have a look of the videos before you attend the course. It is alright if you can’t learn some or even all the applications form the videos. They will be systematically taught at the course.

After the course, use the videos for review.

Unless you intend to choose Tantui as a selective set, you need not know all the 12 combat sequences of Tantui in order to be combat effective. In today’s standard of sparring where most of your opponents will probably fight like Boxers or Kick-Boxers, you can be combat effective by being competent in just one or two of the 12 sequences, especially Sequence 1 and Sequence 2.

There is a lot of material in the videos. Take your time to enjoy them. The first two video series show the prcess in learning the combat application in Toronto in May 2007 and in Canterbury in July 2007. The third series shows the combat application in action. The fourth series shows the 12 combat application sets.


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