Four Gates

A simple chin-na attack

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  1. Importance of Mind Training and Force Development
  2. Applying Strategies and Tactics in Effecting Chin-Na Techniques
  3. More Sophisticated Shaolin Chin-Na Techniques
  4. Following Opponent's Movements in Chin-Na Attacks and Counters
  5. How to Subdue Opponent with Chin-Na even when he Knows the Counter
  6. Chin-Na Techniques for Dislocating Wrists
  7. Some Examples of Chin-Na Combat Sequences
  8. Marvelous Techniques Beget Marvelous Techniques
  9. Three Points of Time to Counter Chin-Na Attacks
  10. Countering Sophisticated Chin-Na Techniques
  11. Successful Application of Chin-Na Attacks and Three Points of Counter
  12. Good Timing and Good Spacing in Shaolin Chin-Na
  13. Close-Body Fighting and Rapid Punches in Shaolin Chin-Na
  14. Listening to Winds and Catching Goat in Shaolin Chin-Na


A sophisticated chin-na attack

You can also view all the videos above in more details here


72 Shaolin Chin-Na Sequences
72 Shaolin Chin-Na Techniques
Shaolin Chin-Na Set
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