Thirteen-Technique Spear

The king of weapon techniques -- the spear thrust

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  1. Introducing the Traveling Dragon Thirteen-Technique Spear
  2. Circling and Thrusting Techniques of the Spear
  3. Spear against Butterfly Knives and Big Knife
  4. Spear against Downward Chop and Reverse Sweep of Big Knife
  5. Spear against Versatile Three-Sectional Staff
  6. Circling and Shooting against Three-Sectional Staff
  7. Once you have the Skills, learning Techniques become Fast and Easy
  8. Sharing Secrets of the Spear
  9. The Shoot -- the Most Representative and Most Deadly Technique of the Spear
  10. Learning Various Spear Techniques like Circling, Flicking and Lifting

  11. How would You Counter the Downward Chop of a Big Knife?
  12. Using the Spear like a Dagger or a Staff
  13. Spear Thrust and Spear Shoot
  14. Reviewing the First Five Sequences of the Spear Set
  15. Outside-Gate and Inside-Gate Applications
  16. Covering Four Corners against All Attacks
  17. Remarkable Achievements at the Weapon Course
  18. Making Flowers with the Spear
  19. Various Ways of Making Flowers
  20. Confusing Opponents with Variations and Changes in Making Flowers
  21. Learning the Spear Set in Just Two Days!
  22. Difference between Patterns and Techniques
  23. Thirteen Techniques of the Traveling Dragon Spear

Thirteen-Technique Spear

The spear against the versatile three-sectional staff

You can also view all the videos above in more details here


Weapon Course at UK Summer Camp -- July 2007
Traveling Dragon Thirteen-Technique Spear

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