Hoong Ka Triple Stretch

How to counter a Boxer's attacks

Although our Shaolin and Taijiquan students understand the combat principles against other martial arts, many of them lack practical experience as the few lessons in our courses and classes for this purpose are insufficient. To overcome this problem, two courses were offered in Portugal from 9th to 13th August 2010, one using Shaolin Kungfu and the other using Taijiquan against other martial arts.

The main aim of the two courses was to enable course participants actually use, not merely know, Shaolin or Taijiquan effectively against other martial artists of similar skill levels. We are under no illusion that if an opponent is overwhelming skilful, he will defeat us irrespective of the arts he and we use.

The results of the two courses were excellent. Not only the course participants were competent in handling other martial artists of similar skill levels, they had a lot of fun and laughter, and were able to transfer their learning to enrich their daily lives. The video series here show lessons from Shaolin Kungfu Against Other Martial Arts.

You can also view the videos here

The Basics

Shaolin Kungfu

  1. Foundation for Physical, Energetic and Mental Development
  2. Art of Flexibility as Chi Kung

Against Boxing - First be Safe

Shaolin Kungfu

  1. Deflecting, Not Blocking, a Boxer's Jabs
  2. Stay your Ground, and Not Move Away
  3. Element of Threat in Combat
  4. Usefulness of the Bow-Arrow Stance
  5. Keeping a Boxer at Bay with your Guard-Hand
  6. In-Gate and Out-Gate in Defence
  7. The Tactic of Cover and Strike

Against Boxing - Cover and Strike

Shaolin Kungfu

  1. Countering at Points 3, 2 and 1
  2. Taking the Initiative to Attack a Boxer
  3. Covering your Opponent to Ensure Safety First
  4. Usefulness and Subtlety of Body Movement
  5. Locking Opponents Both Arms to Strike Him
  6. Developing Skills to Apply Techniques Effectively
  7. Keeping a Boxer at Bay as He Bounces Around

Against Boxing - Using Guard-Hand

Shaolin Kungfu

  1. The Tactic of Deflect and Strike
  2. Guard-Hand for Defence and Attack
  3. Be Proficient in Basic Techniques Before Learning the Sophisticated
  4. Countering a Boxer at Point 2
  5. Keeping a Boxer Away with Guard-Hand
  6. Effectiveness of Guard-Hand in Fighting against Boxers

Against Boxing - Raining Blows

Shaolin Kungfu

  1. How would You Counter a Boxer Raining Blows on You?
  2. First We Need to Understand the Opponent
  3. The Technical Speed of Shaolin over Boxing
  4. Covering Opponent and Striking his Vital Points
  5. How would You Counter a Boxer's Hooks

Against Boxing - Locking, Felling and Intercepting

Shaolin Kungfu

  1. The Amazing Technique of Cross-Road Hook Hand
  2. Boxers have No Techniques to Defend against Felling Attacks
  3. White Monkey Holds Branch against the Undercut
  4. Combat Training is Injury-Free and a Lot of Fun
  5. Intercepting Boxer's Hooks

Against Kick-Boxing

Shaolin Kungfu

  1. Do you Know Why it is Easier to Defeat a Kick-Boxer than a Boxer?
  2. Countering at various Points of a Series of Attacks

Against Karate