Spiritual Cultivation in Cosmic Shower

Spiritual Cultivation in Cosmic Shower

Spiritual cultivation, which is non-religious, is an important aspect in Shaolin Wahnam training. It is cultivating the spirit, and involves emotional, mental as well as spiritual purification. Our spirit, called soul or mind in some cultures, is originally pure. In Zen terms this is described as we are originally the Buddha, and in Western terms it is described as we have the divine spark of God in us.

At the lowest level, spiritual cultivation enables us to be happy and peaceful, and at the highest level it enables us to return to God, or by whatever name we call the Supreme Reality. This impromptu video clip shows a class undergoing spiritual purification using the chi kung skill of “Cosmic Shower”. You can hear the wonderful effects of such spiritual cultivation from Dr Juan , Dr Andre and Dr Ana Maria who report their experience of tremendous peace, freedom and joy.

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Spiritual Cultivation in Cosmic Shower from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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