Yang Style Taijiquan

Taijiquan combat application

The original videos posted in YouTube were initially lost, but were later re-installed by Sifu Eugene Siterman for which we are very grateful. These videos are accessible here.

We would like to thank Sifu Kevin Barry and Peter Clayton of Ireland for retrieving the following videos.

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  1. Basic Stances of Taijiquan
  2. Rotation of Waist in Taijiquan
  3. Exploding Force in Taijiquan
  4. Taijiquan Combat Application (1)
  5. Some Taijiquan Patterns
  6. Internal Force Issuing from Dan Tian
  7. Double Flying Kicks
  8. Circular Movement of Taijiquan
  9. Gentle or Forceful Taijiquan Movement
  10. Generating Internal Force in Taijiquan

  11. Taijiquan Movements
  12. Taijiquan Combat Application (2)
  13. Taijiquan Combat Application (3)
  14. Taijiquan Combat Application (4)
  15. Taijiquan Combat Application (5)
  16. Taijiquan Combat Application (6)
  17. How to Teach a Class (1)
  18. How to Teach a Class (2)
  19. Taijiquan Performance
  20. Taijiquan Combat Application (7)

  21. Taijiquan Combat Application (8)
  22. The Difference
  23. Taijiquan Combat Sequences
  24. Taijiquan Combat Application (9)
  25. Continuous Flow in Taijiquan
  26. Yang Style Taijiquan
  27. Chen Style Taijiquan
  28. Wahnam Taijiquan

Yang Style Taijiquan

A Taijiquan technique to defend against any kick!


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