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Wahnam Taijiquan Simplified Set — Cloud Hands

Some people have the mis-conception that Taijiquan must be performed slowly and without force. Taijiquan is an effective martial art. Without speed and force it cannot be effective for combat. During training Taijiquan may be performed slowly for some good purposes. Even when it is performed slowly, it is not without force, but the force is not mechanical or brutal, it is internal.

In this video clip, the Wahnam Taijiquan Simplified Set, "Cloud Hands", is performed fast and with internal force. Evidence from classical writings suggest that this was probably how Taijiquan was practiced by past masters like Wang Zhong Yue, Chen Wang Ting and Yang Lu Chan.

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Cloud Hands with Force and Speed from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


Cloud Hands (Slow) 2015
Cloud Hands (Fast) 2015
Cloud Hands in Picture Series 2015
Cloud Hands (Slow) in early 2000s
Cloud Hands in Picture Series 2000s

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