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A chi kung class in the Shaolin Wahnam Centre in Costa Rica

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Chi Kung (Qigong)

By definition, chi kung (or qigong) is the art of energy. This means that if a practitioner has no experience of chi, the exercise or art he practices is not chi kung. Yet, an overwhelming majority of those who say they practice chi kung never have any energy experience.

The most fundamental chi kung experience is chi flow. In fact, basically that is what chi kung is about — it generates a chi flow. All types of genuine chi kung generate chi flow. Genuine chi kung of a low level takes a long time, in a matter of months or years, to generate some chi flow. Genuine chi kung of a high level takes a short time, in a matter of days or weeks, to generate a lot of chi flow.

Why is chi flow so basic in chi kung training? It is because life itself is a meaningful flow of chi, or energy. If the flow is smooth and vigorous, it results in good health and vitality. If the flow is interrupted and sluggish, it results in pain and illness.

In martial arts, chi flow constitutes the ingredient for internal force. The bigger the volume and the smoother the flow, the greater is the resultant internal force. It is important to be relaxed when generating a chi flow or manifesting internal force. Stress, physical or mental, interrupts chi flow.

When chi flows smoothly, it results in good health. When the flow is vigorous, it results in vitality. When there is abundant supply of chi, it results in longevity. When chi flow clears mental blockage, it results in mental clarity. When chi flow opens the heart, it results in spiritual joys.

Spiritual Cultivation Spiritual Cultivation in Cosmic Shower

Spiritual cultivation, which is non-religious, is an important aspect in Shaolin Wahnam training. It is cultivating the spirit, and involves emotional, mental as well as spiritual purification. At the lowest level, spiritual cultivation enables us to be happy and peaceful, and at the highest level it enables us to return to God, or by whatever name we call the Supreme Reality.

This impromptu video clip shows a class undergoing spiritual purification using the chi kung skill of "Golden Shower". You can hear the wonderful effects of such spiritual cultivation from Dr Juan, Dr Andre Dr Ana Maria who report their experience of tremendous peace, freedom and joy.
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Golden Shower Emotional Cleansing In Cosmic Shower

Many people may wonder.what a typical class is like and whether the benefits reported are true. This video clip taken impromptu shows such a class in action. An important benefit of this chi kung course called “Cosmic Shower” is to cleanse emotional blockage.
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Golden Shower Opening the Heart in Cosmic Shower

“Golden Shower” is a powerful chi kung skill in Shaolin Wahnam for cleansing or purification. This skill can be engendered by various different techniques. In this chi kung class at the Guan Yin Temple on the Blue Mountain, Sifu Wong taught the course participants to use the technique “Carrying the Moon” to effect the skill “Cosmic Shower”.
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Shaolin Chi Kung Eighteen Techniques Shaolin Chi Kung Eighteen Techniques

Shaolin Chi Kung Eighteen Techniques can be practiced in various ways at various levels. Hence, it is extremely versatile and multi-functional. For example, you may practice it as gentle physical exercise, as chi kung or as martial art.
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