MAY 2017 PART 2

Benefits of qigong

The onus of practicing qigong is practical benefits

Question 1

I've been practicing and researching qigong for a few months now. I've read a few of Master Wong Kiew Kit's books as well. In my research there seems to be something that no one especially masters of qigong really tell you about qigong practice and exercises.

— Angel, Australia


From your questions, it is obvious you have no experience of qigong despite your few months of research and reading.

Qigong is an art, which means that you should derive practical benefits and not just theoretical knowledge. I would recommend that you attend my Intensive Chi Kung Course, and all your questions will be answered from direct experience. You can see details of the course from my website.

Question 2

And that is, how should one visualize this qi energy?


One visualizes qi the same way as he visualizes anything else. For example, you may visualize a friend wearing a blue dress, or some friends playing football.

In the same way, a qigong practitioner may visualize qi coming down from heaven into his head, or qi flowing along his meridians.

Colour of Qi

The qi Shaolin Wahnam students see is usually golden in oolour

Question 3

If qi is universal I suppose all qigong masters who claim they can manipulate and even see this energy would see and or visualize it and feel it in the same way.


All genuine qigong masters do not merely claim but actually can manipulate qi and teach others to do so for their health, vitality and longevity. Bogus qigong masters have no experience of qi though they may have much knowledge of it. Some genuine qigong masters, but not all, can see qi.

Qi is universal, i.e. it is found everywhere. Wearing a dress is universal, i.e. you find people wearing dresses everywhere, except when they are having a shower.

But some people may wear blue dresses, others green, yellow, red or other colours. In the same way, depending on various factors, some chi is golden, some yellow, other in dark colour.

Question 4

The same goes for the dan tian. In some books and internet research I've done say that qi is like a golden light or stream or vapor. However others describe it as the color green or red and so on.


Dan tian means energy field, i.e. a field where energy is focused. As qi or energy can be of different colours, those seeing qi at the dan tian may also see it in different colours.

In Shaolin Wahnam, not only you know where you are going, but also you know the result and you arrive much earlier

Question 5

Please give me some more insight on this and how one should visualize qi and the dan tian. I would greatly appreciate it.


Once again, I would strongly recommend you to attend my Intensive Chi Kung Course. You will derive wonderful benefits that you may never have thought possible.

The onus of any art is to enjoy its practical benefits, not to intellectualize on or research into it. You can research into qigong after you have practiced it for some time and have enjoyed its benefits.

Question 6

In the past I always doubted the way I was going, and the style I was practicing.

— John, France


Now you don't have this problem. In Shaolin Wahnam, not only we know where we are going, but we also know the result and we arrive much earlier than others.

Editorial Note: John's other questions can be found in the previous issued, May 2017 Part 1, of the Question-Answer Series.

a great teacher

A great teacher brings benefits to his students and inspire them

Question 7

I have articulated the desire to master San Feng Wudang Set. Not only it is not a ridiculous assertion, as it would have been before, but it is eminently achievable within our school and in a far shorter time than in more conventional schools, thanks to the simple, direct and effective organization of your teaching


Other people may not believe what we claim, and that is their business. We in Shaolin Wahnam derive the best benefits from our arts in a ridiculously short time.

Question 8

When I did other martial arts, I would see men who just wanted to destroy their opponent even if it meant destroying themselves. I thought I was different. I thought I had some insight with my thinking that martial arts are not only to make us strong against others but to make us strong against ourselves.


Our arts are meant to enrich ourselves and other people. We walk our talk.

Question 9

Your teachings have recalibrated and transformed my whole worldview Sifu. My old worldview was rather dysfunctional. 'Smiling from the Heart' has now evolved from a skillful means to relax and stay rooted in the present-moment, to a more profound opening of the heart to a completely practical and functional paradigm, a means of accepting and opening to the world and flowing with it rather than being divorced from the world through deluded pursuits.


I am proud of you,

A good teacher makes difficult things simple. A bad teacher makes simple things difficult.

A great teacher brings benefits to his students and inspire them to live life honorably and joyfully.

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