January to June 2017

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January 2017 Part 1

The Buddha

In my student's days I never aimed to become a kungfu or chi kung master. This is an important starting point because some people wrote to me asking how they could become a master even before they were a student. Be a good student first.

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January 2017 Part 2

Cosmos Palm

Not many people realise that there are many different types of chi kung of various levels of attainment. Most of these chi kung types may not be powerful enough to overcome illness. Indeed the great majority of chi kung practitioners today merely perform external chi kung forms, without getting the benefits of chi kung. This is a fact not many people may know. This is a fact one must realise when considering that chi kung can overcome illness.

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January 2017 Part 3

Sifu Wong Chun Nga

You are right that very, very few kungfu practitioners today, including masters, have internal force. Most other martial artists do not believe in internal force.

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February 2017 Part 1

good health

You should change "I hope that you are well" to "I know you are well". Make the necessary change in all such statements. You will be the person who will get the most benefit.

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February 2017 Part 2

kungfu combat

It is common among Western people to say, "I hope you are well" or "I hope you will be successful in your project". There is no doubt about the sincerity of the wishes, but it would be better for both the person doing the wishing as well as the person wished to say, "I know you are well" or "I know you will be successful".

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February 2017 Part 3

The Buddha

You have done very well in your Vipassana meditation, but it is obviously not for you. Your attainment is meant for monks who want to be enlightened. But you are not ready for enlightenment. You should practice something down to earth, like our arts.

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March 2017 Part 1

Golden Boy

My sifu, Sifu Ho Fatt Nam, willingly chose not to be perfectly enlightened by desiring to help Bodhisattva Guan Yin.

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March 2017 Part 2

smiling from the heart

You face two options:

  1. Take the courses and have a very good chance to get well, but you will lose a third of your funds
  2. Don't take the courses and have the funds but you will remain sick.

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March 2017 Part 3

Seven Stars

You will certainly be reborn again unless you are perfectly Enlightened. If you want to be reborn at a higher station in your next life, start doing good and avoid doing evil.

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April 2017 Part 1

Sifu Ho Fatt Nam

It is simple to be respectful to one's teacher. Just be respectful to the teacher. It is our first Shaolin Law. It comes from the heart, not from the mind. But it is not easy, though it is simple. Many people are disrespectful to their teachers, their parents and the elders.

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April 2017 Part 2

One-Finger Shooting Zen

great prevention against any practitioner turning his back against his teacher is the first Shaolin Law, especially respecting the master. If one follows this law sincerely, he will never leave his teacher.

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April 2014 Part 3

Wudang Taijiquan

All the sequences in the San Feng Wudang Set are advanced. A very good way to judge how advanced the patterns in a set are, is to find out their combat application. Most people would be unable to tell the combat application of most of the patterns in the San Feng Wudang Set. As a comparison, many people would have no difficulty finding out the application of the patterns in a simple set like Four Gates.

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May 2017 Part 1

meaningful life

Our Shaolin Wahnam philosophy is even better. It is to live comfortably and meaningfully, and help others to live comfortably and meaningfully.

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May 2017 Part 2

Sungai Petani

From your questions, it is obvious you have no experience of qigong despite your few months of research and reading. Qigong is an art, which means that you should derive practical benefits and not just theoretical knowledge.

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May 2017 Part 3


The fastest method to achieve Enlightenment is Zen. In Zen, if one is ready, he can be enlightened in an instant. In other Buddhist as well as other spiritual traditions, it may take lifetimes.

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June 2017 Part 1


The term "Enlightenment" in Buddhist philosophy means perfectly merging with the Cosmic Reality where there is no knower and the known. In Western culture it means returning to God the Holly Spirit.

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June 2017 Part 2

Bringing heaven to earth

All the arts practiced in our school, Shaolin Wahnam Institute, bring heaven down to earth. Some of our arts go beyond heaven.

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June 2017 Part 3

Journey to the West

In our phenomenal world, some scientists theorize that time could go backward in a manner not easily understandable by ordinary people. A sub-atomic particle, for example, could exist in the past in the next moment, instead of in the future. But this is still a theory.

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