MAY 2017 PART 3

Zen meditation

Zen is the fastest way of spiritual cultivation to achieve Enlightenment

Question 1

What is the fastest method of cultivation to achieve Enlightenment in this lifetime. Many Buddhist beliefs and traditions take many lifetimes to achieve. The Taoist tradition seems to be the way to go in this lifetime, mainly to become an immortal who can continue to cultivate.

— Jeff, USA


The fastest method to achieve Enlightenment is Zen. In Zen, if one is ready, he can be enlightened in an instant. In other Buddhist as well as other spiritual traditions, it may take lifetimes.

To be an immortal in Taoism is still in the phenomenal realm. The time scale of immortals is different from that of humans. In humans' time, an immortal lives for thousands of years. Eventually, immortals, like gods and other divine beings, also reincarnate.

In Zen terms, the perfect transcendental realm where there is no differentiation, no knower and the known, where everything is one, is called the Original Face. It is called by different terms in different cultures, like God the Holly Spirit, the Spiritual Body of the Buddha, the Great Void and the universal spread of energy.

The Original Face, or the universal spread of energy where everything is only God and nothing else, is transformed into the phenomenal realm by thought. Since humans have existed in this phenomenal world for a very long time, their spirits are covered by layers and layers of thought.

Different schools of spiritual cultivation peal away these layers and layers of thought, until eventually the personal spirit of a cultivator is liberated and be united with the Universal Spirit where there is no differentiation. Hence, the cultivation takes lifetimes.

The Zen approach is sudden. A Zen cultivator aims at no thought. When no thought is attained, which may happen in an instant, the cultivator suddenly realizes that he is actually the Original Face, or described in other cultures as the personal spirit is integrated with the Universal Spirit.

An imperfect imagery is an ocean. The countless waves in the ocean, which exist only in seconds in the human scale, which may correspond to lifetimes of humans in the Cosmic scale, think that they are individual waves when all the waves are actually the same ocean.

Question 2

Taoist cultivation involves three stages: transferring jing to chi, transferring chi into shen, and returning shen to Tao. The Taoists also talk about the divine foetus or the spiritual baby. Can you please tell me more of this.


The three stages of transforming jing to qi, transforming qi to shen, and returning shen to the Great Void, represent the three major stages of Taoist qigong.

The final stage of returning shen, or spirit, to the Great Void may be approached in two ways: to attain immortality or to merge with Tao.

An exclusive method to attain immortality is the opening of the Golden Flower. A pearl of energy is nurtured at the lower dan tian. then it is raised to the middle dan tian as a divine foetus. The divine foetus is further cultivated at the middle dan tian. Then the foetus rises to the upper dan tian. Eventually the crown of the heal opens, like five petals, and the personal spirit of the cultivator emerges as an immortal to roam heavens.

An exclusive method to merge with the Cosmos, or to attain the Tao, is the Big Universe. First, a cultivator develops his Small Universe, where his energy flows continuously round his body along his conceptual meridian and the governing meridian. Then he lets the energy in the Small Universe to radiate throughout his body to attain the Big Universe. Eventually, his personal energy, which is also his personal spirit, breaks through his illusory body and merge with Tao, or the Universal Spirit.

These two methods are well-known among spiritual cultivators but are exclusive only to specially selected disciples. In other words well-read cultivators may know about the methods in theory, but they have little or no chance to learn them in practice because they are exclusive. Needless to say, those who read about the methods should not attempt to practice these methods on their own if they do not want serious deviation, which is likely to happen if they are not initiated by rare, genuine Taoist masters.

Intensive Chi Kung Course

An Intensive Chi Kung Course in Penang

Question 3

Time is passing by and this would appear to be the fastest route to achieve Enlightenment in this lifetime. I'm going to be 46 years old and my health isn't the best. I'm starting to think what happens when I die? Do I go to heaven, hell, become an animal or a ghost, or do I come back as a human? This appears to me the best possible way to continue cultivating. I would be very grateful if the Master could provide his opinion on this subject.


You are only 46. I am already 72, and I still feel young. Enjoy your life here wholesomely, which means you must have good health and vitality. If you do not feel healthy, you should practice the qigong you have learnt from me. Or you may attend another of my courses to brush up.

When you are ready, you can practice Zen to merge with the Original Face, or practice Taoist sitting meditation to merge with the Tao, provided you are supervised by a genuine master.

At my recent Zen course in Dublin, more than 75% of the course participants saw their Original Face. But we do not want to leave this beautiful world yet. We had a cosmic glimpse and returned to our phenomenal world.

If you want to be reborn at a higher station in this world, or in heaven, it is simple, but may not be easy for some people. All the greatest spiritual teachers teach the same truth. Avoid evil and do good. If you avoid evil and do good, which is excellent cultivation, you will be sure to be reborn at a higher station in this world or in heaven in your next life.

Question 4

I emailed to attend one of your healers' courses to overcome rheumatoid arthritis. Your secretary suggested I contacted your website and have a healing with Grandmaster Wong. She said I would have to go to Malaysia. I would if it's my only option as traveling is very hard for me these days. In the last month I seemed to be getting worse, fast.

— Birdie, USA


I would strongly recommend that you attend my Intensive Chi Kung Course in Malaysia. Please apply to my secretary at This is your best choice of action to overcome your rheumatoid arthritis.

Please take note that it does not mean that by attending the course your rheumatoid arthritis will be overcome straight-away. You have to continue to practice some simple chi kung exercises you have learned at the course for about 10 minutes a session twice a day. Your rheumatoid arthritis and other health problems if you have any, should be overcome in a few months. You will also have more vitality and find life a joy everyday.

In the past I used to tell people with so-called incurable diseases to learn genuine chi kung. But they never overcome their diseases because they always ended up learning gentle physical exercise instead, and both they and their instructors did not realize the difference between genuine chi kung and gentle physical exercise.

So to save them time and effort, I told people with so-called incurable diseases to learn from certified Shaolin Wahnam instructors or healers, or to attend my Intensive Chi Kung Course. As a certified Shaolin Wahnam healer has recommended that you attend an Intensive Chi Kungfu Course, it means your disease is quite serious. The best course of action is for you to attend my Intensive Chi Kung Course.

It may not be easy for you to attend the course. As your disease is considered incurable, it is unlikely you will get well elsewhere. I don't mean to be presumptuous, but I am just telling the truth frankly. However, you have a good chance of getting well and a certainty of having a better quality of life by attending the Intensive Chi Kung Course. It is your choice.

Art of Chi Kung

"The Art of Chi Kung" -- Portuguese eidition

Question 5

I am a reader and practitioner of your work, "The Art of Chi Kung", a book that I consider magnificent and everyone should have.

In this book you mention amongst other exercises, a practice called Absorb Moon Essence of the respected Chinese doctor, Chao Yuan Fang, which I would like to incorporate into my practice, but I just do not quite understand how to do it well. Do I have to practice the exercise at full moon, crescent moon, etc.

Is it necessary to practice precisely the time the moon set or anytime, and how many times I have to do the exercise? May I ask if you would be so kind to detail it? I greatly appreciate the attention to this mail, I hope for your valuable response and I send a cordial greeting.

— Gabriela, Mexico


Thank you for your kind words about my book, "The Art of Chi Kung". Many other people too have kindly consider it a magnificent book.

Regarding the exercise recommended by the famous Chinese doctor, Chao Yuan Fang, the essence of the exercise is to draw lunar or moon energy. It is not very important at what date of the night you perform the exercise. But you will get the best result when the moon is full and when the moon is new, i.e. the first night and the fifteen night of the lunar month. As you have to draw lunar energy, it is obvious that you need to perform the exercise at night, and not in the daytime. It is also not very important at what time of the night you perform the exercise, but the best time is between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. at midnight.

You can draw the moon energy for any suitable number of times. A recommended number is between 10 and 20 times. You draw the moon energy by gently breathing in through your nose and gently breathing out through your mouth facing the moon, or facing the direction of where you think the moon is if it does not appear clearly in the sky. It is best if you can bend your body or your head so that your two nostrils face the moon. It this is too tiring, you can stand upright. For those who are old or weak, they may sit on a chair.

This exercise is excellent for improving a woman's fertility. Two other chi kung exercises excellent for improving a woman's fertility are "Pushing Mountain" and "Nourishing Kidneys". You can find them in my chi kung book. These two exercises are also excellent for many other benefits.

It is common among conscientious students to think that any exercise must be performed perfectly, and that any deviation from perfection would bring harmful result. I too had this wrong perception when I was a student. Later I discovered that this was not so. This does not mean that we can practice an exercise wrongly, but there is much room for variation. For example, one student may perform the exercise 15 times, and another student perform it 20 times, and both are correct. One student may bend his body at about 45 degrees and another at about 30 degrees, and both are correct.

There are, nevertheless, some very important rules that apply to all chi kung exercises, unless it is stated otherwise for a few particular exercises, as follows:

  1. Practitioners must not tense any muscles.
  2. Breathing must be gentle. Do not suck in air, and do not blow out air. Just breathe in and out gently.
  3. Do not think of anything. Gently focus on what you are doing.

A main reason why more than 80% of those who practice chi kung do not derive any chi kung benefits, like overcoming illness, having good health and mental clarity, although they perform genuine chi kung techniques is because they do not follow the very important rules mentioned above. These people practice genuine chi kung techniques as gentle physical exercise, just as many people practice genuine Taijiquan technique ss Taiji dance.

Question 6

I pray that Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me, a sinner practically all day but stop saying it while I practice qigong. I would really like to continue saying it with my mind while I practice qigong.

My mouth would remain open and my jaw relaxed. I expect this would lower my results. However, I'm healthier than I thought I would ever be and my results are so good. Do you think this is OK?

— David, USA


Before answering the question you raised in your e-mail, I want you to know that God loves us all, and Lord Jesus Christ blesses everybody, and that certainly includes you.

If you or anybody is a sinner, it is not because God does not love you, and not because Lord Jesus Christ does not bless you. but because you, or anybody, block yourself from the love of God and from the blessing of Lord Jesus Christ.

The blockage can be physical, like being sick or in pain. The blockage can be emotional, like being envious or angry. The blockage can be mental, like having perverted views. The blockage can be spiritual, like being depressed or feeling hopeless. But irrespective of whether the blockage is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, practicing chi kung is an excellent way to clear the blockage.

You have done well in your chi kung practice. You can also help yourself to help God and Lord Jesus Christ by having love and faith in God and Lord Jesus Christ.

Now I shall answer your question.

An excellent way to tell whether you are practicing correctly is to see your result. Your saying that "I'm healthier than I thought I would ever be" and "my results are so good" show without any doubt that you have been practicing correctly.

So don't worry, don't intellectualise, and just enjoy your practice the way you have been practicing. You are doing very well.

You did not mention how you learned from me, like whether you learned from my books or you attended my courses. If you learned from my books or videos, you address me as "Sifu Wong", like what the public address me. If you learn from me directly, like attending my regional or intensive courses, you address me as "Sifu".

Being relaxed

Course participants were totally relaxed in an Intensive Chi Kung Course in Sabah

Question 7

Why can't people relax when they know they have to relax when doing chi kung?

— Ana, Spain


It is because they have conditioned themselves to be tensed in their daily life.

This is a major problem of many people today. Many people told me that they could not relax, and also that they could not stop thinking of countless thoughts. But after learning chi kung from me for only a day, they could relax and not thinking of countless thoughts. This is one of the miraculous results of learning chi kung from us, though we often, in a good way, take this result for granted, because to be able to relax and to clear the mind of all thoughts are the first two requirements to perform chi kung.

In other words, if a person cannot relax, or cannot clear his mind of all thoughts, he just cannot perform genuine chi kung. He only perform chi kung techniques as gentle physical exercise. In fact, this is a main reason why more than 80% of chi kung practitioners all over the world do not derive chi kung benefits because they only perform chi kung techniques as gentle physical exercise, and not as chi kung, which is energy exercise.

To be relaxed and to clear the mind of all thoughts are the basic requirements of entering a chi kung state of mind. If a person is not in a chi kung state of mind, he cannot perform chi kung.

To relax is actually quite simple, though it may not be easy for many people. A person is relaxed if he does not do anything, especially if he does not tense his muscles. To be relaxed is natural. Babies and small children are naturally relaxed. To tense his muscles is not natural; the person has to do something, in this case he has to tense his muscles. But as children grow to become adults, conditions in life are such that they become tensed.

To make things simple, here is a programme to help people to relax.

  1. Don't do anything. By not doing anything, you will be naturally relaxed.
  2. If you find you are tensed, loosen your muscles. You may find it helpful to loosen your tension, i.e. loosen your muscles, in stages. For example, first loosen your face muscles. Then loosen your shoulders, etc.
  3. Remain in this relaxed manner.

Question 8

How was it that your students could relax in one day of your course when previously they had been tensed?


The main reason was that I transmitted the skills to them from heart to heart. There are three levels of heart-to-heart transmission: physical, energy and mind. Usually in my courses, just the physical level of heart-to-heart transmission was sufficient.

Not only I gave the instructions for my students to relax, I made sure that they were really relaxed. For example, if I found a student was tensed in his shoulders, I would go over to him to ask him to relax his shoulders.

In my experience, all students could relax after just 10 minutes of my heart-to-heart transmission. Sometimes, there might be an exception. Exceptions, in my experience of having taught hundreds of courses, were always non-kungfu martial artists. When I persisted on asking them to relax, some of them told me they were relaxed when actually they were tensed. But eventually they could relax, at least as I observed them during the course.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them to Grandmaster Wong via his Secretary at stating your name, country and e-mail address.



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