Grandmaster Wong and Patriarch Ho Fatt Nam

An invaluable old picture showing Grandmaster Wong and Patriarch Ho Fatt Nam in the 1970s

Question 1

My body is clearing deep blockages; so, it is challenging and painful, but the end result of all this effort is miraculous.

— Brian, USA


When I mentioned that it took a month for a typical Shaolin Wahnam student to achieve what I achieved in a year when I was a student, many other people might not believe it. As I have often said, that is their problem, but it is true.

I must add that what I accomplished when I was a student was remarkable. At the best when I was a student, I was never sick, and I remained undefeated, the first being the aim of chi kung, and the second being the aim of kungfu or any martial art. But it is true that what a typical Shaolin Wahnam student achieves in a month, I would need a year.

A Shaolin Wahnam student now is more than 10 times my progress when I was a student. That is a lot of progress. If a person earns US$5,000 a month, and another earns US$10,000, that is only 2 times more income.

A main reason for this progress is that we differentiate between skills and techniques. Most people, including many masters, do not make this difference. They believe that if they have the techniques and they practice sufficiently they will have the results.

It is very clear to us now that this is not the case. Let us take the simple task of swimming. Even when a person learns the techniques of swimming, like from a good book or a good video, he can't swim if he does not have the skills. Many people have the techniques of chi kung and kungfu, but they are still weak and sickly, or they cannot use their kungfu techniques for sparring, because they don't have the skills.

Another important reason is that I transmit the skills to students.

The progress of our typical Shaolin Wahnam student is so much and so rapid that it is important to guard against over-training. I suggest that we practice at about 30% or less in a practice session. We shall not get the most of our practice session, but we get the best. If a person in Shaolin Wahnam practices at more than 30%, he may over-train.

Question 2

Many personal and professional things that I let slide and have put off for years while I focused on my health and healing. I am getting caught up with much of that now, though it is very time consuming and, indeed, expensive.


Health, which includes healing when a person is sick or when he has over-trained, is often mentioned as the first consideration of living. But it is only mentioned, or just paid lip-service to. Many people in Asia, Africa and Latin America sacrifice their health to earn more money. But you live in the richest country in the world, the United States. Health should be your first consideration, not so much when you are young as you are now, but more so when you grow old in age, though still young in health.

But our chi kung gives us good health, vitality and longevity, besides peak performance and spiritual joys, irrespective of ones religion or the lack of it. I am now 75, but I feel younger than those half my age. I practice my chi kung and kungfu everyday -- running, jumping and rolling on the ground.

Our chi kung and kungfu also give us peak performance and spiritual joys. Indeed, that is the reason why we practice kungfu, which surpasses chi kung. In our law abiding society, we seldom use our kungfu for combat, but it gives us more health, vitality, longevity, peak performance and spiritual joys.

You will find that many personal and professional things that you have let slide and have put off for years, you will be able to do them much better and for far shorter time. You will find everyday peaceful and joyful.

Roll on the ground

Grandmaster Wong performs "Gourd Rolls on Ground"

Question 3

I very much want to attend your healers' course and I would like to come for the kung fu intensive and bring Katie for the chi kung intensive, but I don't know yet what if any of that will be possible. If not, it will be the number 1 priority of next year.


Personally, you can skip the Chi Kung Healing Course, unless you want to become a chi kung healer. By the way I think chi kung healing, or any medicine that deals with energy, will be a norm in future. After all, all life is a meaningful flow of energy.

The Shaolin Kungfu Intensive Course is wonderful for you. You should not miss it. Katie should attend the Intensive Chi Kung Course.

One of the best thing anyone can ever do is to practice our chi kung, better still our kungfu. It is his top priority for life. Not many people, however, have the very good opportunity to practice in Shaolin Wahnam. Much of chi kung and kungfu today is just external chi kung forms and a demonstration to please spectators or a generous exchange of blows.

Question 4

Once I complete these things that I am working on right now, I will have much more time and money. I will again be able to practice kung fu daily and have the time and means to travel to you for courses.


Right now, not after you have completed the things you want to do, you have time and money. I told my wife a story about a wealthy man and a fisherman, and I would repeat it here.

A wealthy man met a fisherman lying leisurely on a beach.

"Why don't you go to catch some fish instead of lying idly on the beach?" the wealthy man asked.

"I've done that and now I'm enjoying myself."

"Why don't you catch more fish, save some money, and expand your business?"

"Then?" the fisherman asked.

"Then you can be wealthy and enjoy yourself."

"I'm enjoying myself now."

Although we may not want to be the fisherman lying idly on the beach, there is certainly much truth in what he said.

happy and peaceful

Grandmaster Wong and all members of Shaolin Wahnam live every day joyfully and peacefully

Question 5

I trust that all are well in your world and that you are having the best time of your life and are sharing in these riches with your family and loved ones.


I am enjoying myself every day. In fact, those in Shaolin Wahnam can live every day joyfully and peacefully, be they paupers or kings, in crowded cities or alone in a desert.

Question 6

Are there certain differences in the effects developed by holding the different postures? At the Cosmos Palm course in New Hampshire, we emphasized Carrying Sun and Moon with the arms outstretched; should someone interested in specializing in Cosmos Palm, add the other postures and hold them for a certain period of time as well?

— Dr Frederick Chu, USA

Editorial Note: This is a continuation of Dr Frederick Chu's questions which can be found at March 2020 Part 3 issue of the Questions-Answers Series.


In the training of Cosmos Palm, there are differences in the effects developed by holding different postures, but the differences are little and should not trouble you. What is important is to hold the posture correctly, like the outstretched arms in Pushing Mountain, and the open palms in Carrying Sun and Moon. You must be totally relaxed and freed of all thoughts.

You may add other postures and hold them for a certain period of time, but it is very important that you must do so correctly.

White Horse Presents Hoof

Combat Sequence 10: White Horse Presents Hoof

Question 7

I was curious to know which variation was the version that Sigung Ho taught Sifu? Are there certain advances or disadvantages between the different variations? With hindsight, after Sifu has taught Cosmos Palm to so many disciples, including having taught a course on Cosmos Palm (to which I am forever grateful to my sihing, Matt Fenton, for organizing), does Sifu recommend a particular variation to us modern practitioners of Cosmos Palm for those who wish to attain the highest level in the art?


I can't remember which variation my sifu taught me in the Forceful Big Windmill, whether my other hand was held as a fist at my waist or left hanging freely. There are differences, but the differences are slight, especially when your force is great.

Generally, when you hold a fist, you consolidate your force, when you let your hand hanging freely you let your force flow. But if you do it wrongly when holding your fist, you may cause internal blockage. However, your chi flow will clear it.

Learning the Cosmos Palm -- the skills and benefits, not just the techniques -- is already a very rare opportunity. I took many months to learn the Cosmos Palm, whereas you did it in only a few days.

You are already very good in kungfu; you need not bother with such trivialities. It is wonderful that you aim to attain the highest level in any art, and in life. Make this a habit in aiming to attain the best, especially in your profession as a doctor.

Question 8

Do tools eventually get used in the training of Cosmos Palm, for example extinguishing candles, striking at panes of glass from a distance, or striking at a bell from a distance? If so, what is the purpose of those tools, or are they simply tales from the movies?


Usually in the training of Cosmos Palm, we do not use any special tools, like wearing rings at the wrist as in the Iron Wire Set, or gripping an iron ball in the training of tiger claw. But in the testing of Cosmos Palm, we can use tools, like extinguishing candles behind a pane of glass, striking at a bell from a distance, or moving stones without touching them.

When you have successfully trained your Cosmos Palm, use these tools in your testing. Only very high level masters in the past could perform such feats.

Question 9

Otherwise, my training has been going quite well! Typically in the morning I train One Finger Shooting Zen and emphasize the White Horse Presents Hoof combat sequence from the basic Shaolin syllabus and in the evenings I train Cosmos Palm as well as a sequence from the Cosmos Palm set.

Unfortunately I have not met anyone who wishes to become a training or sparring partner with me here, so I continue to train on my own. I hope to attend the Intensive Shaolin Kung Fu course in 2019 (this question was asked earlier, but because of a long waiting list, it is only released now) so that I can finally fulfill a long-standing goal of mine to fully learn the fundamentals of Shaolin kung fu from you.


We call our White Horse Presents Hoof combat sequence, i.e. Combat Sequence 10, basic because all kungfu practitioners should know how to counter the four categories of attack, but many other kungfu practitioners call it very advanced.

I remember that I taught this combat sequence to Douglas, the first disciple in the West, in less than 10 minutes, and each time he used this combat sequence on an opponent, who was a master teaching commandos, he drove the master to a wall.

The combat sequences from Cosmos Palm look simple, but they are very effective, including against other masters. It depends much on the force of your Cosmos Palm. But remember not to hurt your opponents if you spar with them.

It is understandable that no one wants to spar with you, after you defeated other masters. At your level, training on your own is the norm. You can also train sparring with an imaginary opponent, or against many imaginary opponents. Basically it is skills, not techniques, that are more important.

The Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course is a must for you. You will find that you know most of the techniques taught in the course. But it is always recommended to know the basics. You will become more and more skilful, not just in combat but in peak performance and spiritual joys in your everyday life.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them to Grandmaster Wong via his Secretary at stating your name, country and e-mail address.



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