Tiger Claw

The tiger-claw is a characteristic of Southern Shaolin Kungfu

Question 1

I would like to practice Southern Shaolin. Is it alright to practice without a master?

— Bala, India


I am glad that you have chosen Southern Shaolin. It is also the kungfu style that I am most familiar with.

It is alright if you practice without a master as long as you follow what I mention on the webpages. It is much better if you can attend my Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course if you have some martial art foundation, or my Intensive Chi Kung Course if you don't have any foundation.

A person may think that he can save some money by learning from books or videos. But actually he can save a lot of time and money if he attends a course given by a master.

If you attend my Intensive Chi Kung Course, you will learn in just a few days skills that range from a beginner's level to a master's level. Most chi kung practitioners practice just external chi kung forms without getting any chi kung benefits.

Most kungfu practitioners cannot use their kungfu for fighting. In my Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course, you will learn in just a few days internal force and kungfu for combat

If you wish to attend my courses, you have to check my website for available dates.

I have received many letters thanking me for these courses. Some have said that they would gladly pay many times the amount I charge.

Question 2

One night I was in a really bad fight with a much bigger man who was very strong and violent. He had almost beaten a younger man unconscious when I tried to get him off. The man was big at about 250 pounds or more and I weighed maybe 160 pounds.

— Frederick, USA


You were right in using your Iron Wire or any martial art on the much bigger man who was beating your co-worker unconscious. We must not be afraid to use our kungfu when necessary. Fortunately, in our law-abiding societies, it is usually unnecessary. Yet, as I have said earlier, practicing kungfu is one of the best things anyone can do. Besides combat, there are many invaluable qualities we can get from kungfu.

There is a kungfu saying as follows: Strength is no match for techniques, techniques are no match for internal force, internal force is no match for speed, speed is no match for the marvellous.

A strong big man who uses muscular strength is no match against an exponent who uses martial art techniques skilfully. A good example is a tiny Judo girl felling a big-size man by over-balancing him.

A person with martial techniques is no match against an exponent with internal force. A person may use many martial art techniques, but a powerful strike with internal force can end the combat.

One may have much internal force, but he may not hit an exponent who is fast. A person without internal force can strike the opponent's eyes or groin.

I taught the marvellous at the Essence of Shaolin in 2017. I promised the two groups who attended the course that I would teach it only once.

Shaolin Iron Wire

Iron Wire is a very powerful kungfu set

Question 3

I told the young man, wait, in exactly 2 weeks we will hear something from the guy I fought. 2 weeks later to the exact day, someone we knew told us that he saw that man I fought and he had a message for me that he respected me and didn't want any problems with me. The young man asked me how I knew that would happen in exactly 2 weeks to the exact day! I could not explain it to him, but I suspected empty force.


Among the wonderful benefits of practicing high-level kungfu or any internal art is attaining what are called "miraculous effects". Many of my students can tell the future and see happenings away from their immediate surroundings. Your training of Iron Wire has resulted in "marvellous effects".

You must not reveal these "marvellous effects" indiscriminatingly. These happenings are known as "heaven's secrets". In case of doubt, ask God or whatever you regard as Supreme, and you will always be given an answer, although sometimes you may need time to get the answer.

For example, you know from your "marvelous effects" that someone is going to meet a fatal accident. Do you tell him! Ask God or the Supreme.

Question 4

You have often encouraged us to become our own boss. May I ask why? Is it better to be our own boss? What benefits do we bring into our lives having our own businesses versus being an employee?

— Santi, Spain


It is great if you can be your own boss, but of course you must make sure that your income is much more than when working for another boss. I learned it the hard way, and it has been confirmed again and again.

While I have been successful in being an entrepreneur and making my wealth following the honourable way, I have always remember that money cannot buy everything, though it is important in making our lives comfortable.

To be your own boss is better than working for someone else because of the following two main reasons:

  1. Your success or otherwise depends on your own ability. This applies to those who are enterprising and creative.

  2. You have control over your own time.
Another two reasons follow if your entrepreneurship is successful:
  1. You earn much more than if you had been working for another person. In my own example as mentioned in my autobiography, I could not buy a car working for many years, but I could buy one for myself, my wife and all my children soon becoming my own boss.

  2. You have much more free time than working for another boss. This is particularly remindful when someone working for a boss has to take leave from his work.
Health and Happiness

Health and happiness, as revealed in Sifu Eugene and Sifu Chris, are very important in life

Question 5

If you were to decide the top 5 rules for leading a successful business, which ones would they be?


Here are my top 5 rules for leading a successful business. They are my rules which may be different from others.

  1. It must be honourable.

  2. There must be more than enough people who want the goods or service to make the business successful.

  3. My customers must be satisfied with my goods or service. In other words, they get more benefits than what they pay for.

  4. The income from the business must be substantial.

  5. I have control over the business.
These principles developed over time. When I first set up Shaolin Wahnam, my aim was to preserve the greatness of chi kung and kungfu. Most people follow the business or profession decided by their parents or education. It needs some time to think carefully over these principles.

Question 6

If you were to decide the 5 most important characteristics that an entrepreneur must possess in order to succeed, which ones would they be?


The 5 most important characteristics an entrepreneur must possess in order to succeed in business are as follows:

  1. He must enjoy doing the business.

  2. The business must not affect his health and happiness.

  3. He should choose the business with the conditions described above. Most people do not do this. They choose the business that is most convenient, or decided by their parents or education.

  4. He should have leverage of time and place. A doctor does not have leverage of time; he treats a patient at one time. A restaurant owner does not have leverage of place. He serves customers around his environment. If you work as your own boss on computer technology, you have leverage of time and place. You can serve a lot of people at the same time all over the world.

  5. When he becomes wealthy as a result of his business, he should not be arrogant and vain.

Sifu Attilio

We have many successful businessmen from Shaolin Wahnam; Sifu Attilio is one of them

Question 7

If you were giving a piece of advice to someone thinking about starting his own business, what advice would that be?


My advice to someone thinking of starting his own business would be based on the 5 principles and 5 characteristics above. I would particularly advise him that his business must be honourable and he must enjoy doing it. When he has become wealthy, he must remain kind and generous.

The top Shaolin principles for building a successful business are described above as the top 5 rules for leading a successful business and the top 5 most important characteristics an entrepreneur should have. There are altogether 10 principles, but I shall summarize them as the top 5 Shaolin principles as follows.

  1. The business must be honourable.

  2. He must enjoy doing the business.

  3. His business must bring him sufficient time and income. Running a business is important, but there are also other important things in life.

  4. He must study the principles of successful business before deciding on what type of business.

  5. He must be kind and generous.

Question 8

I honestly believe that our Shaolin arts have everything that is needed for building a successful business. I think that many entrepreneurs will find a lot of inspiration and guidance in your wise answers, especially because they come from your direct experience. You have always walked your talk.


Our Shaolin arts will enable us to live life peacefully and joyfully, including running a successful business. As far as I know, we are the only school that transfer what we learn in our school to enrich our daily life.

Most chi kung and kungfu masters -- genuine ones -- are poor, and many of them are not interested to teach others. Some kungfu masters in the past led miserable lives.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them to Grandmaster Wong via his Secretary at stating your name, country and e-mail address.



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