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Question 1

How are you doing on this wonderful day? Jenn and I are sad that we will not be able to visit Malaysia this year, but we have received news that more than makes up for it. Jenn is pregnant.

— Alex, USA


Congratulations for Jenn's pregnancy. Soon you will be a father. To be a father or to be a mother is one of the most wonderful blessings that can happen to anyone.

Here is an exercise that Jenn can do. Lye on a comfortable bed, sit on any chair or walk about leisurely. Take three gentle breaths deeply. Gently think of the baby developing healthily and happily. When the time is right, have a pleasant delivery. It is always so.

It is actually a serious chi kung exercise, but treat it as fun. If it happens, wonderful; if it does not happen, it doesn't matter. But it will always happen. All chi kung babies are healthy and beautiful.

It really doesn't matter whether your baby is a boy or a girl. It is your child, your bundle of joy.

Tell other people about this exercise. Bringing joy to the world is a wonderful thing.

Question 2

For the past five years now, I have been doing a few chi kung exercises and energy flow every day. I have learned that there is something called "bigu" which enables people to survive on energy only and without food and water. As I am expecting the near future to be very gloomy and bad with scarcity of food, I am humbly asking if you could find the time to teach me about this "bigu".

— Anja, Norway


Skills are more important than techniques in chi kung. Indeed, more that 80% of chi kung practitioners in the world today practice gentle physical exercise, and they are unaware of it. Hence, "chi kung" practitioners are still weak and sickly, though chi kung is supposed to make them strong and healthy.

An analogy is Taijiquan, spelt as Tai Chi Chuan in English. Taijiquan is a wonderful, internal martial art, but there is nothing internal and nothing martial in the "Taijiquan" practiced today.

I would recommend you to attend my Intensive Chi Kung Course. It is understandable to wonder what can be learnt at an Intensive Chi Kung Course that lasts only a few days. You can learn a lot, especially what you may not learn elsewhere. You will learn how to enter into a chi kung state of mind, and how to generate an energy flow during the course itself.

There aren't any intensive courses this year (2020), but there will be one in 2021. (There is a long waiting list, and this question is only released now.) Please check my website for available dates, and check We are Now Living in a Golden Age for your comment that the future is expected to be gloomy.

protected by divine beings

We are protected by divine beings

Question 3

In your questions and answers, being asked by Steffen for further books of yourself, you mentioned:

"I shall leave the combat applications of Shaolin Kungfu and Taijiquan, as well as other forms of kungfu to our instructors who may be interested."

Although this sounds like a life-long project, this could be something I'd like to engage with.

— Sifu Leonard Lackinger, Shaolin Wahnam Wien


It is great that you are interested in the book project.

I believe you already have the contents of the books to be published with you, though you may have to do some writing. I suggest that you have both categories, to have books as well as a website with membership payment. For whatever reasons those who have some books published are usually considered authorities in their subjects.

You may first of all publish in a website with membership payments for the combat sequences. Start with the first four basic sequences. You may have to add some explanation when you want to publish in a book form. You can also do the same with Taijiquan, starting with the three basic sequences, then adding explanation to a book form.

You can then go on to the other combat sequences -- four sets in Shaolin Kungfu and three sets in Taijiquan. It would be appreciated if you can send the manuscripts to me so that I can add to their completeness.

The first drafts will be of the basic level, i.e. anyone keen in kungfu should know. But what is basic to us is actually very advanced to other people.

You can also do the same with chi kung, starting with the 18 Lohan Hands. Emphasize on form, but gradually go to energy and mind. It may not be necessary to go into entering a chi kung state of mind. Leave that to those who learn personally from us. It is not easy to ask students to be relaxed and to be focused, though it is actually easy for us.

Much later you can go to the intermediate and the advanced levels. Your Shaolin Five Animals are very interesting and educational. They can form the base for the intermediate and the advanced levels.

Question 4

Should the collection contain secret applications as well?


The collection should not contain secret applications. They are meant for students who learn personally from us and have won our trust.

Even what you would call "basic" are very advanced. Other people cannot generate an energy flow, and just perform demonstrations to please others or to generously exchange blows.

Shaolin Five Animals

Shaolin Five Animals

Question 5

I might not be able to engage with the project all the time, but I can think of a monthly time block to work on it.


You will be excellent to engage the project, not all the time but allot some time to it. When you have a vision and set some time to work on it, anything humans can do is possible. We are very cost efficient. Have fun.

Question 6

I finally moved to my own place. It's a small apartment at walking distance to the beach, so I have a wonderful place to go train daily.

— Sifu Angel Perez, Shaolin Wahnam Puerto Rico


It is lovely to have a place of your own. I remember clearly the time we had our own house, where we are still staying. At that time Chun Nga was just a baby, and our two youngest children have not arrived.

My father and my mother who are now in heaven, my wife who was young at that time but now she is older and I love very much, I and our children were all lying down in the cold floor as our furniture had not come, but we felt warm and cosy to have a home of our own.

Chi kung class

An Intensive Chi Kung Class

Question 7

I lost control of my car, driving on wet and slippery road on a rainy day, and crashed my car. First against the car to my right and then against the concrete barrier to the left side of the road. Luckily, no injuries were sustained, although all the circumstances suggested to a worst outcome. So, I am grateful and happy!


You could have serious injury in the accident, but because of your good karma you are still unhurt. It was quite expected that you sustained no injuries although the circumstances would suggest a worse outcome. You were and will be protected by divine beings, like the Bodhisattva of Great Compassion, Immortal Li and other divine beings.

I recalled an accident many, many years ago in Portugal. The car I was travelling in was contempt, but I came out of the accident, though shaken, unhurt. Riccardo Salvatore was very kind to meet me later on.

Question 8

Now, I find myself in a new environment, adjusting to living by myself for the first time of my life, which is something I've been longing to do for a very long time. It's been an excellent opportunity to practice patience, spend more time on my training and meditating, but also spend more time playing and having fun. Very interesting also is the fact that I moved to a neighbourhood next to all the very high end neighbourhoods.


It is wonderful to spend time by yourself -- on your training and meditating, and on playing and having fun.

Make good use of your rich neighbourhoods. Remember you must always speak from the position of strength, and charge high fees.

You are one of the very few who can give health and happiness, and the rich neighbourhoods are willing to pay the prices you ask for. If your fees are low, relatively, they are not interested.

Question 9

Can one get Dragon Sickness when practicing Waidan/External Elixirs such as Baduan Jin/Eight Brocades or Yijing Jin/Muscle Tendon Change? I am under the impression that Dragon Sickness is mainly a danger of Neidan/Internal Elixirs. Is Dragon Sickness confined to Neidan practices or can this happen in the Waidan practices as well?


Waidangong or External Elixirs, despite its name, Baduanjin or Eight Brocades, and Yijingjin or Muscle Tendon Change are internal arts. But most people practice their external forms. I do not know what you mean by "dragon sickness", but it does not matter.

There is a great weakness in waidangong, or those who practice Waidan. They have to clear whatever intrinsic energy or vital force that they have acquired. A usual way to clear vital force is to gently hit themselves from their internals to extremities.

When you are properly trained, you won't have "dragon sickness" or any sickness. In Shaolin Wahnam, whatever sickness will be cleared by gentle chi flow which also enhances the practice.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them to Grandmaster Wong via his Secretary at stating your name, country and e-mail address.



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