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Kungfu can make a lady feminine

Question 1

I'm wondering how kungfu will make a practitioner more feminine?

— Ami, USA


Kungfu can make a lady feminine because it is aesthetic. If we compare kungfu with Karate, Judo, Kickboxing, Wrestling or any martial art, it is kungfu that people like to watch. If something is aesthetic, it will make a practitioner more feminine.

Kungfu teachers teach tactics and strategies, whereas other arts only teach techniques. We are speaking here of indeal kungfu; most kungfu teachers teach only exernal forms. In kungfu, for example, we do not go against strength; we try to use as little strength as possible though the exponent may have a lot of strength. We manoeuvre an opponent to a position to the advantage of the practitioner.

Kungfu develops internal force. Internal force is only found in kungfu. "Zhan zhuang", or stance training, is one good way to increase internal force as well as mental clarity. There is a saying that if one can perform stance training, he can perform anything.

Most people practice stance training as an endurance exercise, but we in Shaolin Wahnam practice stance training as a relaxation exercise. The more a practitioner can relax, as well as can be focused, the more is his kungfu performance. In fact a student mentioned that he developed more spiritual joys while practicing stance training. We must make sure that the kungfu your daughter practices is genuine.

With all these factors, kungfu makes a lady feminine.

Question 2

You have so generously shared with us the signature skills of the Dragon Strength Chi Circulation Set which are dragon force, lightning speed and dim mark. Would it be necessary or useful for a Dragon Strength practitioner to also practise Fierce Tiger Cleanses Claws if he wants to be good at Chin Na?

— Dr Steffen Wankmuller, Germany


It is not necessary for a Dragon Strength practitioner to practice "Fierce Tiger Cleanses Claws". He can still be very combat efficient without practicing it, especially if he specializes in dragon force, lighting speed or "dim mark". But it is very useful, especially if he wants to specialize in "chin-na".

It is very important to be relaxed and focused at all times, and to look forward with hope and happiness. Treat every day joyfully.

You must be relaxed when practicing "Fierce Tiger Cleanses Claws", especially when you have to focus force to your arms. It is not easy, and you can have tremendous force and be versatile.

Dragon Strength

"Dragon Strength Chi Circulation" set

Question 3

I apologize in advance for the long email. Thank you very much in advance for your time and for sharing your wisdom. I'm practising Small Universe almost every day, and I enjoy it very much.

— Montes, Canada


Thank you for your good wishes. We celebrate New Year and Chinese New Year. May 2021 bring you and your family much joy and happiness.

Your questions are good, and will benefit other people.

Carry on with your "Small Universe". It will bring you good health, vitality and longevity. It will also make you lucky. In Chinese, to be lucky is "hou yun qi", which literally means "good circulation of energy". The "Small Universe" will ensure a lot of "hou yun qi".

Practicing chi kung is one of the best things anyone can do. Encourage your parents to practice chi kung. You should also encourage you husband to practice chi kung if he hasn't practiced already.

You can come to Penang. It is wonderful to be with the Shaolin Wahnam family.

Before you learned from me, you were practising chi kung from my book "The Art of Chi Kung", but you could not feel any chi because you were not "in a chi kung state of mind", i.e. to be relaxed and focused at the same time. But once you had "a chi kung state of mind" as you later learned from me, it was yours, and will be yours, already. "A chi kung state of mind" is a new term. In English it means a higher level of consciousness.

Many people do not believe this. Hence they learn from books or videos. They can learn the outward form from books or videos but they don't have the essence.

Question 4

At that time, I would consider my movements in general heavy and clumsy. Yet, I went up to the raft in a very agile and dexterous way as I remember it. If I remember correctly, I was feeling very light.


When you fell down to a river, you felt very agile and dexterous because you were helped by a heavenly being, or you had some skills in your past lives.

Always having good thoughts can help to bring out these skills. It will also help heavenly beings to come to aid you in times of difficulties. Good chi will always bring good chi.

It is possible to consciously recover knowledge or skills that were mastered in past lives.

Speaking in a strange language has occurred to some people. Many years ago I had a student who spoke in classical Sanskrit, and later he developed some abilities to help other people. Some students spontaneously went into a trance and performed self-manifested chi movement.

It is very important to always have good thoughts. Our phenomenal world is actually a function of mind.

It is also good to be completely free sometimes, though normally you may perform your sequences as routine. When you let yourself completely free, your past knowledge and skills may come out.

To recognize whether some knowledge or skills that are transmitted from heart to heart or something that should not be followed is to follow your heart. If something is good, it should make you feel good; if something is bad, it should make you feel bad.

Sometimes the movement or intention may come from the intellect. If it makes you feel good, it is good; if it makes you feel bad, it is bad. Follow your heart.

Small Universe

"Small Universe"

Question 5

Is it possible to practice internal skills consciously?

I stopped it as I did not want to harm him as my training partner was a master who was actually showing me how to do a technique correctly.


You can practice internal skills consciously. The key is practice. At first you may not practice well, but eventually you can practice better.

If you harm your training partner, it is best to stop, or you may tense your arm. I often did that when I was sparring with training partners when I was younger, and my tensed arm prevented energy from reaching them.

In your case, if your training partner retired his arm although he was showing you a technique, you should stop or tense your arm. It was your energy, not your arm, that hurt him. You have become powerful though your practice.

Question 6

When trying to extinguish candles with One Finger Zen, it seems it works better when I get a bit angry. If I try consciously to practice it, force does not flow.

Could you please tell me if there is an explanation that with the emotion of anger, internal force flows better, but not in normal state? Or is it just the natural course of things and the skill will be more easy to apply with time and practice of the corresponding techniques?


Not only in "One-Finger Zen", but in everything you do in your daily life, you will have better result if you are relaxed and focused. Not only you are relaxed and focused, you also have internal force and mental clarity.

Because of exponential progression, you are now 16 times better than people who do not practice genuine chi kung, or when you did not practice chi kung in the past. This is just incredible.

How do I work out 16 times? If one is not relaxed, he (or she) will produce better result if he is relaxed. If he is not focused, he will produce better result if he is focused. If he does not have internal force, he will produce better result if he has internal force. If he does not have mental clarity, he will produce better result if he has mental clarity. A person who is relaxed and focused, and has internal force and mental clarity will be 16 times better because of exponential progression.

People think that they can learn from books or videos. But they do not know that they are missing a lot if they do not learn from genuine masters. Genuine masters are happy with their lives; they do not want to teach, but bogus masters are plentiful.

You were focused and had internal force and mental clarity although you were a bit angry. Hence, you were better in your result.

This is the natural course of things. You do not have to do anything extra, but you have to practice your chi kung and kungfu every day. You have to practice at about 30% or less to prevent over-training.

Chi kung and kungfu take years, but you learn them in a matter of days. Our chi kung and kungfu are not just genuine, but are of a very high level. 30% or less may be "low" to you, but they are very "high" to other people not in our school.

If you just practice techniques, but not skills, you will only have the outward form. A good analogy is Taijiquan, spelt as Tai Chi Chuan in English. There is nothing internal, and nothing martial in the Taijiquan practiced today.

You do not need to raise you skills consciously. The relaxation, being focused, having internal force and having mental clarity are already transmitted to you. You need only to practice. The more you practice, the more will be the improvement.

Being relaxed, being focused, having internal force and having mental clarity are already transferred to you in heart-to-heart transission

Question 7

How do I deal with unexpected sudden disturbing thoughts and mental discomfort in the best way?


If you always have good thoughts, you can eliminate disturbing thoughts and mental discomfort.

Praying to Guan Yin Bodhisattva is very good. She often comes to bless us.

Blockages in your head or mental blockages may take some time to clear. Physical blockages in your head may take a faster time. Letting go of your thoughts will not materialize them.

Thoughts are real. Our phenomenal world is a result of countless thoughts. Transcendentally there is undifferentiated energy or consciousness.

Question 8

I had a sudden thought that the person who was seated beside me had or would have cancer. Some months later, she actually died of cancer.


You haven't influenced her cancer. This could be "heavenly secrets". If you have any doubt, ask God, or Guan Yin Bodhisattva, or your Deity, and you will always be given an answer.

It is good to practice chi kung when a person is healthy. It is even better to practice kungfu. Make sure the chi kung or the kungfu a person will practice is genuine, which is very rare today.

Besides being relaxed, being focused, having internal force and having mental clarity, and having combat efficiency if one practices kungfu, there are also other wonderful benefits.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them to Grandmaster Wong via his Secretary at stating your name, country and e-mail address.



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