Four Gates

Javier Sillo

Question 1

Some days ago I lit a candle for a friend, who is going through some difficult time and whom I'm helping out a bit.

I left the candle burning as I went to sleep, and the next morning the candle had some petals (four of them) coagulated on it (please see the pictures enclosed).

Without being vain, I believe this is a sign of spiritual progress. Please see

— Javier, Spain


Yes, it is spiritual development.

Our art is triple cultivation. Practicing it, besides giving us good health, vitality, longevity, peak performance and luck, leads to spiritual development.

Question 2

Thanks for your prompt reply. From your comment on your previous message:

"You and Paz are two of my proudest students. I still think fondly of you coming for the Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course. At first I thought of cancelling the course. I was glad I offered it, and you did very well. You learned a lot of secrets."

I believe you might be confusing me with Angel from Spain as Paz is his girlfriend

— Sifu Angel Perez, Shaolin Wahnam Puerto Rico


Indeed I was confused. I often confuse Angel of Puerto Rico with Angel of Spain, and luckily I also included Paz, his girlfriend or wife. As Agnel and Paz are my proudest students, you too are my proudest student.

Indeed I have some of the proudest students. If I did not attain anything else, I am very proud of them.

Andrew Barnett

Sifu Andrew Barnet and his family

Question 3

I did have a wonderful experience during your last visit to teach in Puerto Rico. You were so generous and gave me a private lesson on Cotton Palm which I will never forget.


Cotton Palm is one of the most wonderful arts. It is very powerful yet the force is flowing. Many people would be very proud to have it, yet it is so powerful.

Sifu Chee Kim Thong, my second sifu, had it and he was very proud. He could damage any opponent with his Cotton Palm, but knowing him as a kind person he would not. His hands were red in colour and very gentle, a sure sign of Cotton Palm. He was a very gentle person.

I am happy that my third sifu, Sifu Ho Fatt Nam, taught me Cosmos Palm. I remember very well how he taught me. He said that my hands were like a lady's and a lady's hands were not suitable for Cosmos Palm. Actually I never knew he had Cosmos Palm. I knew he was a gentle, kind person, as all real masters are well known.

It is great that you have Cotton Palm and you are a gentle, kind master. Be kind to others when you have become very rich. You actually are but I mean when you have become financially richer.

Question 4

I was a little surprised to receive your circulars regarding the monthly reports and assume that numerous instructors have stopped sending their reports to you for some reason. As I'm sure you have seen the activity in the forum, and also it remains marginal. May I ask if you are considering actions regarding the negligent instructors as you have when this has happened previously?

— Sifu Andrew Bernatt, Shaolin Wahnam Switzerland


Once again I would like to express my thanks at administrating the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum. It is not easy to administrate the Forum. I believe Marc Harnisch of Germany to liven the Forum has some effect.

Thank you also for suggesting that Four Gates should be a title worthy of consideration. Four Gates is a remarkable set. It was the set practiced at the Shaolin Monastery at Quanzhou during the time of our First Patriarch the Venerable Jiang Nan.

Cosmos Palm

"Single Dragon Emerges from Sea" of Cosmos Palm

Question 5

Another question, if I may. Do you have any thoughts regarding teaching classes in Penang again either later this year assuming the lockdown is over and travel is deemed safe, or during 2022? I think many of us very much miss your personal teaching and just being able to spend some time with you, which is so valuable. Maybe you would consider the idea I mentioned some months ago: some interviews with you that we could put online and maybe add some questions and answers you have received by emails or from our forum visitors?


I haven't taken any actions against negligent instructors, but I may do so in future. My Questions and Answers Series continue to attract attention.

I continue to offer intensive courses in Penang but I shall cut down on traveling to other countries. The Copthrone Hotel where we used to have intensive courses is closed. It is indeed a pity.

The world lockdown has changed many things. Many business units are now not operating and we cannot travel overseas.

I didn't receive your email concerning some interviews which I could put online. You have to send the email again.

Question 6

The cherry trees have just started to bloom. It is a little bit earlier, though. They are beautiful as usual.

Sifu, Simu and everyone in your family are well and happy.

— Sifu Yumi Yonjo, Shaolin. Wahnam Kawasaki, Japan


It is great to hear from you.

My family and I are well and happy.

The cherry trees blooming remind me of the time in Japan. It was indeed lovely.

Shaolin Combat

Sifu Yumi in Shaolin combat

Question 7

I am not active in the Shaolin arts.


You still can practice your chi kung and kungfu. Our chi kung and kungfu are very powerful. You need to practice your chi kung for about 10 minutes, and your kungfu for about 20 minutes.

You can, for example, practice "Lifting the Sky", "Pushing Mountain" or "Carrying the Moon" -- just one exercise per day -- for about 10 minutes. Later you can progress to other more advanced chi kung exercises. You can practice your kungfu, like stance training, combat application and any force training methods for 20 minutes.

It is preferable to practice chi kung twice a day, but you can practice kungfu only once. You can practice chi kung and kungfu for about half an hour in the morning, and chi kung for only about 10 minutes in the evening or at night. In this way you will always be young and beautiful.

Question 8

Currently, I teach business manners in companies or business schools for those who came from abroad. It is quite interesting and also challenging. Whenever I confront problems, I recall what I learned from Sifu.


It is great that you are teaching business manners to companies or in business schools.

You can use your chi kung or kungfu to enhance your business. In fact you are already using your chi kung and kungfu, like your stamina, force and zest.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them to Grandmaster Wong via his Secretary at stating your name, country and e-mail address.



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