San Feng Wudang Set

Grandmaster Wong demonstrated San Feng Wudang Set

The great Zhang San Feng is regarded as the First Patriarch of Internal Arts, as well as the First Patriarch of Taijiquan. At the time of Zhang San Feng, the term "Taijiquan" was unknown; it was called Shaolin Kungfu, and later Wudang Kungfu. Now it is called Wudang Taijiquan, because Chen Wang Ting, who lived a few hundred years after Zhang San Feng, used the concept of Taiji, or the Cosmos, to explain the martial art.

Zhang San Feng incorportated kungfu (which is physcial martial art), chi kung (which is energy art) and meditation (which is spiritual training) into one. When a person practices San Feng Wudang Set, he practices triple cultivation. In other words, he practices kungfu, chi kung and meditation at the same time.

This set is an abridged version of Wudang Taijiquan. It is useful to know thst "Wudang" is pronounced like the English /wutang/. San Feng Wudang Set is so named to honour Zhang San Feng and the Wudang Mountain.

It is useful to understand the Treatise of Zhang San Feng. The set should be performed flowingly in a relaxed manner without any thoughts. Performed with internal force, the set can be very fast and very powerful, yet the practitioner is not tired nor panting for breadths.

Wong Kiew Kit
28th December 2018


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