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The San Feng Wudang Set is an abridged version of the Wudang Taijiquan Set. Although 80 patterns are listed in this set, whereas 140 patterns are listed in the Wudang Taijiquan Set, it is much shorter than the longer set because many patterns are repeated in the left and the right modes, whereas in the longer set these patterns though repeated in the set are not listed in the picture series and some intermediated patterns are not listed.

Sequence 1

1 Two Aspects of Yin-Yang 2 Nebula Evolving Round

3 Cosmos First Emerges (Right) 4 Cosmos First Emerges (Left)

5 Shift Horse Ask Way (Right) 6 Shift Horse Ask Way (Left)

7 Two Saints Transmit Tao 8 Gentle Breeze through Sleeves

9 Spiritual Lion Opens Mouth 10 Green Dragon Tests Claw

Sequence 2

11 Playing the Lute 12 Wild Horse Charges at Stable

13 White Snake Separates Grass (Right) 14 White Snake Separates Grass (Left)

15 Turn Over Yin Yang 16 Cloud Dragon Shows Elbow (Right)

17 Big Boss Holds Elbow 18 Cloud Dragon Shows Elbow (Left)

19 Black Tiger Steals Heart 20 Receive Wind Push Door (Left)

21 Receive Wind Push Door (Right) 22 Carry Tiger Back to Mountain

Sequence 3

23 Dark Dragon Draws Water 24 Wild Horse Charges at Stable

25 Big Boss Removes Helmet 26 Turn Over Yin Yang

27 Against Mountain Test Cave (Left) 28 Against Mountain Test Cave (Right)

29 Golden Eagle Spreads Wings 30 Playing the Lute

Sequence 4

31 Pure Blade Cuts Grass (Right) 32 Pure Blade Cuts Grass (Left)

33 Golden Eagle Charges at Prey 34 Dark Dragon Moves Elbow (Right)

35 Dark Dragon Moves Elbow (Left) 36 White Crane Flaps Wings

Sequence 5

37 Move Body Change Shadow (1) 38 Move Body Change Shadow (2)

39 Lone Bird Emerges from Flock 40 Swallow Skims Water (1)

41 Swallow Skims Water (2) 42 Dark Phoenix Looks at Sun (Left)

43 Dark Phoenix Looks at Sun (Right) 44 Lovely Horse Flying Kick

45 Moving Boat Shifts Radder (Right) 46 Moving Boat Shifts Radder (Left)

47 Black Bear Opens Mouth 48 Yellow Bird Nips Vegetable

Sequence 6

49 Golden Eagle Spreads Wings 50 White Snake Shoots Venom

51 Ride Horse Lift Spear (Right) 52 Ride Horse Lift Spear (Left)

53 Black Bear Tests Claw (Right) 54 Black Bear Tests Claw (Left)

55 Black Bear Moves Shoulders (Left) 56 Black Bear Moves Shoulders (Right)

57 Black Bear Circles Palms (Right) 58 Black Bear Circles Palms (Left)

59 Black Bear Cloud Palms (1) 60 Black Bear Cloud Palms (2)

61 Single Bee Sucks Pollens 62 Birch Tree Hang High (Left)

63 Birch Tree Hang High (Right) 64 White Crane Spreads Wings

Sequence 7

65 Wild Horse Charges at Stable 66 Wide Clouds at Purple Summit

67 Swallow Flies through Clouds 68 Change Flower Plant Wood (1)

69 Change Flower Plant Wood (2) 70 Change Flower Plant Wood (3)

Sequence 8

71 White Crane Flaps Wings 72 Cloud Hands Eagle Claws (Left)

73 Cloud Hands Eagle Claws (Right) 74 Lion Rolls Ball

75 Thrice Thread Palms 76 Old Eagle Charges at Prey

77 Heaven Pillar Welcomes Sun 78 Garment Receives Flowing Breeze (1)

79 Garment Receives Flowing Breeze (2) 80 Cosmos Returns to One


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